WWDC – 2014, What Do You Think Apple Has Planned Out?

News & Events 30 May 2014
WWDC – 2014, What Do You Think Apple Has Planned Out?

Apple is all set to stage the Worldwide Developers Conference – 2014 (WWDC ) from the 2nd of June to the 6th.  The conference will be held at the Moscone West Convention center in San Francisco, California. Speculation and rumors are doing their rounds already; with just a few more days to go, here’s what we’ve gathered.

Though this conference would give developers and opportunity to work closer with Apple, the company would be taking this opportunity to showcase Operating System upgrades and new products. In true Apple style, there is an app for all those who are eager to follow WWDC and the various events, it is expected house.

Being a developer’s event, the tag line holds true “Write the Code. Change the World.” The company will be introducing various software and upgrades so that developers can prepare for the upcoming products that it has lined up for the months to come.  You might even be able to pick a few clues there. So, based on our extensive research on and off the internet, here’s what we’ve heard:

The IOS 8: The OS for Apple’s handhelds are expected to have some really interesting features. Though it is expected to retain the look and feel of the iOS7, the latest version would also adapt features from its counterparts. Word has it that it would feature a split screen multitasking facility wherein you can drag contents from one app to the other. (Makes things a hell lot easier, especially for work documents and presentations) The iOS 8 is also expected to have better maps, health apps, improved iTunes radio and much more.

Monitor Me: The healthcare app that Apple has in store for the new iOS is expected to monitor fitness data like BMI, calories burnt, blood sugar, heart rate, etc. Clearly, an indication that fitness apps are the next in-thing. Remember the mysterious iWatch, maybe it would be easier to sync the watch with your fitness data, instead of carrying a large phone! We may expect the iWatch in the coming months.

Maps: Though an attempt at maps for the iOS6 was a major blow to the company, it has steadily improved and worked on its maps to make it reliable and easy-to-use. The new maps may feature transit options and other features to give users the best navigating experience.

iTunes Radio:  After closing in on the acquisition of Beats, apple is turning out some exciting add-ons for iTunes radio, where it could use Beat’s streaming services. Beat Music is known to have human music curators for its streaming services.  Taking in Shazam Entertainment’s technology to recognize songs would give iTunes a head start in the music and iTunes services section.

iCloud upscale: Apple’s cloud services could easily lose the race if they are not made as easy to use as others. Also, typical of most apple services, they don’t have cross platform compatibility. This time we can expect Apple to demonstrate how good their cloud services are and what they have revamped to make it developer-friendly.

iHome: A smart home? Not a faraway dream? You could soon be using your iOS device as a remote control to probably switch on off gadgets, turn the heater up or down, and control your security system and what not.

The Mac X 10.10: The new operating system for Macs features a design inspired by the successful iOS interfaces on Apple smartphones. The 10.10 is believed to have quite a few UI and visual tweaks like lots of white spaces, sharper images, fewer shadows and textures.

No hardware: what most enthusiasts are predicting is that Apple would not be debuting any of its Hardware products like the much talked-about AppleTV or the Retina Display Mac book. The company would probably only lay the footwork-software to support the hardware.

Apart from the serious stuff there might be a possibility that celebs – rap legend Dr. Dre and record producer Jimmy Iovine might make an appearance. Rumors about Kobe Bryant endorsing the health app are also doing the rounds, so you never know who else might be there.

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