Worried About NSA Spying? Search Engines Other Than Google

World-Wide-Web 04 Jul 2013
Worried About NSA Spying? Search Engines Other Than Google

We almost spend our entire day on Google searching for the things that we desperately want to know. Google has become an ingrained part of our society. It is very easy for us to find people saying ‘I Googled it’ for the most frantically things they wanted to unveil. To explore the unknown things, you use powerful and convenient Google. The search engine has successfully grabbed millions of the Internet users, and has converted them into its loyal visitors. This is the reason why loyal visitors of Google feels that there is no other search engine that give relevant result anymore.

But then the latest news about NSA spying data or personal information on everyone on the Internet has shook up the netizens. Many say that very popular sites (including Google) is directly under the surveillance of NSA or the giant search engines have to compromise their own privacy and are forced to share data with NSA. Whatever the reason, people have now started thinking about other ways to search on the Internet, of course, other than Google! Nevertheless, we personally believe that Google is THE BEST! After providing you such a valuable information, taking something off from you does not matter! We asked our friends who were concerned about their so called private data -What exactly is so secret about you that we don’t know?” :P

For some, by default, Google is God; if they need some help they try and ask it from their only God (Google). But, in veracity, Google has some taut competition with other existing search engines. For certain queries, other than Google, the results are significantly better. If you are ready to look, you are going to find numerous engines that are actually even better than Google. Let’s find out which are those search engines that are exceptionally good to give a stiff completion to YOUR Google.

Search Engines that will Force you to Question YOUR choice for Google

Duckduckgo—For Quick Searches, Visiting Sites with Programming Codes

Duckduckgo is the secret search engine that is becoming popular among the masses for its peculiar functionality. Unlike, YOUR Google, it does not share and gather your personal information. Also, it does not make its loyal users to spool down through various pages to get the required results. With Duckduckgo, you can get quick results on the top of your page.

In addition, this engine is the best for searching the programming codes. By putting exclamation mark in front of a site or resource that you want to search, you can quick search into that site through Duckduckgo. Try and write ‘!PHP pdf’ (without inverted commas) in the search query of this search engine, and see the result. You’ll get to know what exactly I want to say. A note to programmers and nerd practitioners: dig this engine and you will find a lot of computing codes here.

Wolfram Alpha—Best Place to Wonder About Numbers (Mathematical, Researched Data)

Wolfram Alpha does the tough job of making its users available with unique data results. It rummages in its pocket to serve the best possible result to the users. This is the best place to ask for numbers, data, researches, percentage, etc. For instance, write ‘1 feet = how many inches’ in the search query of Wolfram Alpha. You will find the most descriptive and complied information about the ‘feet to inch conversion’ along with some additional conversions. Now, search with same keyword on YOUR Google and see the difference.

It is basically computational knowledge search engine. You can get any statistical as well as researched information on this engine. For example, type US President 2013, you will get the neat history in a tabular form that makes it easy for you to know the most valuable information in a very interactive manner, and ofcourse with less efforts. ;)

Blekko—Very Specific Results, Free of Jargons and Spam

This search engine is bliss to one, who is fed up of rapid spam occurrence while searching for the topic. Blekko takes the inquirer close to the content and promises to render spam-free results. It has its own set of rules to include a particular site in its result. Unlike Google, if Blekko finds the website’s content does not live up to its spam-jargon rules, it will not include that website in the search results.

On Google, searching for anything remotely popular, make you sort through dozens of pages. Especially if the search form is how-to or questions, you always wish for more authentic voice of information. Hence, on its own, Blekko narrows down your search topics buy filtering out the sites that are present simply to capture traffic. Type ‘how to make coffee art’ on Blekko and ‘how to make coffee art’ on Google. On comparing you will find that the Blekko results are oriented more towards independent sites by eliminating many of subtle sites grabbing for just clicks.

Webopedia—For Knowing Strictly Computer & Internet Terms

Webopedia is online computer dictionary for knowing strictly computer terms. It is encyclopedia source for non-technical people, which could help them in knowing technology terminologies by themselves. While searching tech-terms on Google, to know what is that term means, often gets complicated. You have to search through various sites on Google that give limited information for your required topic. Hence, in this case Webopedia will be your friend, and allow you to teach yourself what ‘domain name’ or ‘RRAM’ is.

For more visible idea type ‘What is cloud computing’ on Webopedia and ‘What is cloud computing’ on Google. You can easily make out the difference. You will find that Google search results are insufficient for making a non-technical person understand the exact technology. Whereas, Webopedia is absolutely the perfect source for non-tech people for bringing more sense of computer terms in their life.

Dogpile—Metasearch engine for complied result

Next we come on to one of the famous search engine called Dogpile. All the search results of Google are from, well, Google! But, Dogpile provide you with compiled result from various other search engines; all at one place. The searches are mainly from four engines: Yahoo!, Bing, Google and ASK. Hence, comparatively you will get filtered and higher number of results for your desired search.

In addition, there are many other search engines that can serve as a great alternative agent to Google.  People move from Google only when they get bored or cannot find enough related search result on their only source Google. And, when this happens, they pick other search engines as their back up consultant for problems. But, above-mentioned engines are more than just another problem-sorter. They cover the same scope as Google for any and every search result.

We have covered only five Google alternatives that may force you to question YOUR Google for some sensible reasons. Unlike Google, they do the topics search in peculiar ways as discussed above. Hence, depending on your choice, pick your search engine just for search. But, do not make it the only source.

Everyone in the US is traced and observed!

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