Which One’s Best Bet for Me? .com, .net, .org, .info or Something Else

World-Wide-Web 09 May 2013
Which One’s Best Bet for Me? .com, .net, .org, .info or Something Else

Whenever it is asked which domain name extension is best for your company or organization, by default its .com. However, every time this is not the case! Other extension like .org and .net are equally famous and prestigious. But, which one is best for search engine optimization, has been a subject of debate among internet marketers. Also, consider this instance, suppose you picked a domain name for your company and went to get it registered under ‘.com’ domain. And, you found out that it was already taken by someone else. What will you do? Will you go for another domain? While .gov is not available for anyone else, other domain names are meant for specific purpose.

There are chances that your domain registrar may suggest you to go for .net, .org, .edu, .info, or .biz or any other TLDs. You may get perplexed for which one is good. Well! Here is the way to find out…

.com and .info

There is always a hard and fast rule to go for .com extension for your targeted keywords whenever possible. This is because; this domain always seems to have the biggest bump of SEO rankings. If websites are registered under .com domain, they are likely to be ranked faster than domain with other extensions. Moreover, this rank improves over the times. In addition, if we see from a visitor’s point of view, this is the best extension as it makes it easy for them to remember.

Come on let’s face it- even some internet marketers don’t even remember other extensions, and if you want to build a website which makes visitors to visit your site again and again, .com is your preference. However, the problem is that there are not just plenty of them especially if you want it for your EXACT targeted keywords. So what can be your alternative? If you are looking for .com and it is not available in bulk, you should find the exact same-targeted keywords for .net domain.

A domain name with .info is more focused on information. This having said, the queries this domain attracts are ‘informational queries’ and not navigation query. Non profit organizations and knowledge oriented institutes prefer this domain name.

.net, .edu and .org domains

We all know that any name registered under .net stands for Internet Company and which are under .org is for the non-profit organization. However, there is such strict rule to follow this similar reservation. It is all the matter of keywords if you cannot find exact targeted keywords for .net, the prevailing option .org domain is equally beneficial. As .org seem to posses same SEO benefits as that of .net. If get your perfect domain name, which is easy to spell, understandable, easy to remember and catchy then it won’t matter which domain you choose.  A .edu or .org domain name reflects the website is based on education and is a nonprofit organization.

Local second level domain names

The local domain names such as .in for Indian website, .us for the US website, .uk for the UK websites typically focus on local public. Google and other search engines may give good weightage for local SEO promotion and findings. Websites with such domain names also attract the clients from worldwide who are looking for some product or service from particular region.

Which one is best?

Now, which among all is better? As have already mentioned that KEYWORDS play imperative role in this decision. Health, medical, education or non-government organizations work well with .org domain rather than .net domain. Similarly, marketable products are not always that great with .org domain. Moreover, the domain name should justify the objective of your business. So, pick accordingly.

Moreover, if you fail to catch any of above domains for your website, you can always go for this next move; modifying your exact match keyword. In most of the cases, this can be accomplished by adding a new word like ‘good’ or ‘top’ or ‘review’ to the beginning or at the end of the keywords. However, always remember that the keyword has to be meaningful with adequate search engine results and should posses low competition. It is preferable, during restoring in .com, to avoid the use of dashes, as it will take longer time to get a sensible rank and are slower in enhancing the SERPs.

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