Which eCommerce Platform is the Best on the Cloud?

eCommerce & mCommerce 17 Jul 2013
Which eCommerce Platform is the Best on the Cloud?

Be it a business-to-business or business-to-consumer entity, eCommerce platform is the life-line software for any retailer. And with Cloud technology boosting the market, various merchants are planning to transit their existing online retail business on the Cloud. But, this transformation is not a cake walk. The dilemma of transformation coupled with cloud computing complexities curtails business from making this move. In addition, the big question ‘which platform to choose for Cloud makeover’ soon formulate into another dilemma for retailers. With the availability of multitude eCommerce platforms, choosing the one that works brilliantly on Cloud sounds tricky.

Hosting service of SaaS is now merchant’s pet. All the merchants are well-acquainted with the leverages of taking their business on to Cloud. In comparison to traditional server-base products, with a small monthly fee, they get access to all the Cloud benefits without any headache of maintaining them in-house. Also, there is no need to hire and pay an IT staff for monitoring. All the tools they require are available anywhere, anytime with the web connection.

As traditional street of doing retail business was becoming difficult, merchants are increasingly turning to Cloud to find fast-to-deploy and effective online retail website. According to international IT advisors, Gartner, there will be 90% of eCommerce website hosted on cloud by 2013, which will employ the famous SaaS-based service. So, coming back to the question—which platform is best suited for retailers to mount their business on Cloud Computing sphere?

Roar of the Platform Selection—Which to Choose and Why?

The selection of ideal eCommerce platform is entirely depended on the framework that they employ. Whether it’s PHP, CodeIgniter, Zend or other hosted source software, the selection process filters the requirement and provides you with best solution.

According to merchant’s requirement, below-mentioned list of eCommerce platform will assist them in picking the right development tool for their Cloud-based website.

Note: The list has been formulated with the special pattern—Name of platform: Framework: Attribute.

Magento: PHP: Easy Customization

Magento is one of the most popular and widely used eCommerce platforms, which has succeeded in bagging 150,000 merchants around the world. It resides in the heart of retailers due to its obvious functionality and numerous editions. The easy customization, availability of various edition and flexibility, will ensure that your website on Cloud remains dynamic among competitors. Moreover, it comes with two flavors: Enterprise Edition (boosts sales, store credits, consist of multi-store capability, powerful tools and top-notch support) and Community Edition (free, for expert developer, no support).

Shopify: JavaScript MVC: Quick Setup

After Magento, Shopify is the next choice for online retailers. Reason being, it is the hosted eCommerce platform that allow easy and quick creation of whole new online store. It provides secure shopping cart solution, hence, mounting and maintaining it on to Cloud will be easy. Moreover, the ‘quick setup’ feature will help those retailers, who want to establish their online store like ‘just right now’. It offers nice eCommerce templates and web hosting service along with 30-days of trail periods. Moreover, there are 50,000+ merchants who have already created online stores using Shopify.

Yahoo! Stores: RTML: More Traffic and Sales

The excellent range of designing templates and customization allow the online merchants to enjoy more traffic and sales to business. You can add up to 50,000 products to your eCommerce store and can track the product-inventory levels. It notifies you when the quantity of your product is low. With secured payment options, it protects your business with multiple security layers. With such features, on Cloud, it would be easy to drive great amount of traffic and sales to your online stores.

OsCommerce: PHP: Cost Effective

This is excellent eCommerce software, which is considered as a benchmark for the other open source eCommerce platforms. It consists of beautiful eCommerce templates, 7,000 add-ons and customization tools all at affordable prices. It offers wide range of out-of-box features that allows online stores to get setup quickly at reasonable rates. Hence, in your transit period if you want a solution that entails all the necessary features for eCommerce website within your means, then this has to be your ideal choice.

Prestashop: PHP: Excellent Full-featured pack         

It is the award winning eCommerce solution, which has won the title of ‘Best Open Source Business Application’. It is backed with active support community of developers that keeps you updated with various add-ons while you move it on Cloud. With 257 eCommerce features, it is the simpler and easier affair for online merchants. It consists of full-featured pack of eCommerce setup tools for online retailers.

Therefore, depending on your requirement you can choose your ideal eCommerce platform for mounting your online store on Cloud. According to The Economist Intelligence Unit, by 2022, a third of purchases will be made online. Moreover, from 2013-2016 there will be 30% more buyers shopping online and spending more up to 55%. According to recent prediction made by Forrester, the online retail market will grow to $370 billion over next four years. This year it has reached to $231 billion.


This list is just the rough guide to get you started with Could-based eCommerce website. All these solution have their fans and critics, and it’s really worth to try each of them once. These eCommerce solutions will accelerate your deployment time and customer satisfaction. Hence, depending on your choice and requirement pick your eCommerce platform.


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