What’s Next? iPhone 5S or iPhone 6? Event by Apple in September 2013

Mobile & Apps 14 Aug 2013
What’s Next? iPhone 5S or iPhone 6? Event by Apple in September 2013

In the midst of patent war with rivals, Apple is gradually looking to muddle through the emerging scenarios and launch the next range of Apple devices. As always, a slightest of the image or rumor about Apple ventures immediately acquires the center stage and goes viral. They are engulfed with speculations and people opine their own interpretations for the same. Mostly, speculations are unofficial with no basis of authentication. However, this fall the hype seems to have doubled as Apple is gearing to surface two of its much awaited smartphones.

As per the reports from various sources, Apple is going to stage their launch event on September 10, 2013. The hype is also being considered genuine as during the same period last year, Apple unleashed iPhone5. The internet is flooded with images, videos, expectations and specs of the upcoming devices. However, none authenticated by the Apple authorities.

After the launch of iOS 7 at the WWDC, rumors were further fueled. Let’s have a roundup of what all is expected from the Apple devices with the inception of iOS 7.

A cheaper variant or just an illusion

The idea of having a cheaper iPhone seems to be ubiquitous because of the observable fact about Apple losing a major chunk of the market to Android. Android has taken the smartphone market by storm. Its open source nature has allowed many players to utilize the platform and target the mid-range market. Though, Apple’s iOS is highly regarded in terms of design, features and security, Android offerings are affordable. As a result, to sustain and compete persistently Apple’s lower-cost variant seems to be a real-deal.

Also, iPhone 5S (may be)

To get access to the complete range of iOS 7 features, iPhone 5S seems to be the next big thing from Apple. The internet landscape is flooded with different images claiming to be iPhone 5S. However, none of them officially announced as authentic. But, expectations are not baseless as Apple struggles to capture the market and almost a year without a launch of any smartphone. There have been news that the iPhone 5S has been hit by the production woes, which is delaying its launch. Moreover, the poor yield of fingerprint-recognition chips and LCD driver ICs are holding back the production of iPhone 5S.

So, what to expect? Has the production requirement of iPhone 5S been met or Apple is still struggling to cope up with the disruption.

A possible update of Mac OS X

Whether the event is going to take place or not, there is another speculation joining the list of expectations. The release of the full version iOS 7 and Mac OS X is expected from the event. The upcoming version of Mac OS X will be known as Mavericks (rumored name).

iWatch and TV

Consumers are pressurizing Apple to come up with innovative devices. Moreover, the board of director has condemned Tim Cook for slow rate of innovation. This implies that something for sure is coming that will take the market by storm. However, the possibility of Apple TV and iWatch just seem to be over ambitious expectation of consumers. According to the board of directors, Apple TV and iWatch doesn’t seem to be coming by the end of this year.

These are some of the major speculations enveloping the rumored event of Apple in September. However, ending list of presumptions won’t be correct. As the rumored event nears, the web world would be flooded with numerous other thoughts. The only thing that can be done at this point of time is to have all our ears and eyes on the Apple’s event.

What’s coming next in Apple September 2013 event?

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