What is Discomgoogolation? Its Signs, Symptoms and Treatment

Brain Drain 04 Jun 2014
What is Discomgoogolation? Its Signs, Symptoms and Treatment

What is discomgoogolation? What made neologist coin this word? Well, it all roots from the latest span that hinges on whether the smart gadgets benefit or harm our lives. Whilst some believe that smartphones have changed their lives completely, others simply turn this opinion down by saying that these little idiots have made us more dependent. Whatever discomgoogolation it is, we are here to explain it in simple words.

The definition of discomgoogolation

Zillions of people use internet every day and many of them are so addicted that if they cannot access their mails, social media accounts and things the like, their stress and depression level increases. Psychologists call this state as ‘discomgoogolation’.  In simple words, discomgoogolation is –the feeling of distress or anxiety when unable to gain immediate information access.

Discomgoogolation –the study

According to a survey, more than half of Brits are found on the internet browsing it for four or more hours a day. In that, half of them admit that they feel stressed, annoyed and frustrated when the connection is cut off. In the study, men were found to have suffered more in the evening as compared to their counterparts –women—who suffered more when they were disconnected from the internet during day. After all, to many, Google is god and without it, millions of people find it difficult even to step out of their homes!

Over 76 percent of Brits admit that the life without internet is unimaginable. Most of them use internet to check their emails, playing games and viewing porn sites. The level of stress induced due to no-access is almost equal to that of getting late for an important meeting or in worse cases being fired from the job. If these gadgets help us tackle our routine works, it certainly offers a hard-to-tackle habit as well.

The signs and symptoms of discomgoogolation

Those who are emailoholics (the ones who check their emails too frequently) found to be suffering more from discomgoogolation when kept away from Internet connection. Here is how you find whether you have discomgoogolation –

  • Feeling anxious and uneasy when the internet is off
  • Increased heartbeats and in some cases breathlessness
  • Finding ways to access internet anyhow
  • Feeling boring, yawning more
  • Discomfort in doing any task
  • Lack of concentration
  • Headaches
  • Irrelevant talks
  • Frustrating behavior

How to overcome discomgoogolation – the treatment or cure

There is no specific treatment available for discomgoogolation or emailoholism. That is because when the sufferer is made available with internet, they return to their homeostasis. In most of the general cases, the treatment does not include any drug but if the case is severe, it requires psychologist’s’ attention who may prefer prescribing mild anti-anxiety or anti-depressant drugs.

Folk practitioners consider this ailment as purely psychological. Here are some important tips to get rid of discomgoogolation –

  • Engage yourself into some other interesting work
  • Meditation helps strengthening your mind
  • Talk to your friends; discuss the topics that engage you
  • Open up window or go out on the terrace, look into the nature
  • Retrospect and enjoy the sweet memories in your life
  • Read funny articles

Consider the time lucky when you don’t have access to the internet. Turn this boring period into an opportunity to start using your brain and not Google as a source of information and ideas! Don’t worry, be happy and keep discomgoogoelation at bay.

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