Web Design Trends That Are Popular in 2014

Web Technologies 06 Jun 2014
Web Design Trends That Are Popular in 2014

It’s almost mid-year, and designers world-over have made some lovely websites so far this year. I’ve put together an entire list of cool design trends that are popular on the net today and the ones that have faded away. Here’s a list of trends you can continue to expect all through the year 2014:

Sliders replaced: Most websites until late last year continued to use sliders for their websites. However, this trend has been almost wiped-out this year. Websites now feature sliders giving way to either a blurred photo/image with text centered on it, or a catchy animation to grab your attention.

Grid Style Layouts: Inspired by Pinterest several websites have adopted grid style layout to make it easy for viewers to skim content. It clearly defines and display different bits of content, making it easier to view and comprehend. It also lets you put in more in less space in a creative manner.

Interesting Typography: Gone are those boring texts that stick either to serif or non-serif. Today, typography has a character of its own. Designers use a whole range of varied type (even branded type) that adds uniqueness and personality to their work.

One-Page Scrolling: The average internet user is used to an endless page (one-page scrolling). Businesses especially eCommerce sites are taking full advantage of this to showcase their products. This feature teams up well with a mega navigation as in the case of Mashable. So this time it’s a “put it all on one page!”

Fixed Navigation: We’ve seen this before, and they seem to stay put. Typically, a business website would put a search bar, its main navigation and social networking badges on the fixed bar. eCommerse sites add account details, and shopping cart to this bar making it accessible to users at all times.

Almost no sidebars: The width of the website is no longer restricted by bulky sidebars. Most websites feature no sidebars or have a collapsible one which pops up when the mouse scrolls to the side. JavaScript and jQuery working their magic there!

Colors:  Simple color schemes seem to be a trend. Websites have to be pleasant to look at, with sufficient contrast to capture content and comprehend the message of the website.

Flat Designs: Most sites, these days, feature a flat design, similar to the apple interface. It is clutter free, no bulky graphics, shadows or gradient – just plain, clean and neat designs with an easy to skim layout. Think minimalism here.

Content: Content has taken the center stage on most websites. Gone are the days of long and lengthy text. Today it’s short, precise and to-the-point making it easier for users to run a quick glance through the site.

Quick registration: Every website tries to capture user information through registration. These days, easy and quick registrations are the way to go, if you don’t want to frustrate your users and drive them away. Usually all they ask is an email address and password or register you through FaceBook.

This year it’s all the smaller tweaks and changes that take make a good website a great one. Send us your observations for design trends 2014.

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