Watchables, Please give a way to Hearables, the New Wearables

News & Events 09 Dec 2015
Watchables, Please give a way to Hearables, the New Wearables

Watchables like Google Glass, VR headsets, AR (Augmented Reality) glasses, etc. have created a lot of hype, but ultimately got failed in drawing masses’ attention. Still, tech giants like Google and Microsoft are spending a lot of bucks in R&D of these ‘Watchables’. It is quite early to predict the future trend regarding such devices for eyes; here we have the ‘hearables’ to make the matter more complicated. The blog talks about the silent entry of ‘hearables’.

Wearables are for wrist and eye only-Nay

The Cupertino Company Apple has taken the lead of ‘wristables’ with its extraordinary Apple Watch. Various fitness devices and smart watches also start strengthening their position on people’s wrists. Talking about Watchables, Google still struggles with Glass and Microsoft has come up with Hololens, we can broadly say that the era of watchable devices is going to be more complicated than expected for the tech giants.

In an attempt to spread wearable technology further, Microsoft CEO Mr. Nadella has recently said that things that can be worn on wrists, in the ear, and on eyes would come after the smartphone. Mr. Nadella’s indication of such ‘hearables’ (or things that can be worn in the ear) clearly shows the intention of the wearable industry. However, gizmos worn in the ear are not quite trendy; we cannot rule out the possibility of gaining popularity for them with the advent of hearable technology.

‘Hearables’ is a new term- Nay

Back in 2014, the term ‘hearables’ was coined and started gaining attention from people. Analyst Nick Hunn has predicted that it would be a major factor in the wearables’ market while saying that ‘hearable’ industry would touch $5 billion by 2018. Surprisingly, Crunchbase data has confirmed that nine “hearables” manufacturers have already accumulated almost $52 million through crowdfunding since 2009. The recent development in‘hearables’ sector also points out that we are going to have interesting things in the future.

Hearables are just another headset-Nay

These days, the wearable industry is flooded with different headsets. However, hearable technology seems to be different than watchable technology regarding the innovative use of sensors and microphones. We can certainly expect the technological advancement for ear-related smart devices beyond taking calls and listening to music. Hearable technology companies focus on a range of consumer needs with innovative integration and interaction of technical advancements.


Today, the headset dominates the world of wearables. However, the technology is in its nascent phase; it is interesting to watch how hearable technology changes the concept of wearables.


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