Townhall Question: Why Only 1 in 9 IIT-Delhi Students to Get Entry?

Brain Drain 28 Oct 2015
Townhall Question: Why Only 1 in 9 IIT-Delhi Students to Get Entry?

Young techno freaks of IIT-Delhi have got the shocking news.  No, it is not about organizing Facebook’s Townhall Q&A session with them, the real shocking news for them is: Only 1 in 9 students will get entry in this session, and that will be decided by a lottery system. Heck, the spread of technology also cannot empower you to stay free from a lottery system in India!

In India, more than 130 million users are actively using Facebook. Mark wants to interact with them, and therefore, he has selected Indian Institute of Technology –Delhi’s students for the next Townhall event. Out of 130 million Indian users, only 1100 may interact with him directly, but the sad part is: Out of 1100 individuals, 900 seats are reserved for IIT-D students.

Dear Zuckerberg, you are going to arrange Townhall event in India, not in the US! Don’t you know that IIT-Delhi, which you have selected, has 8000 students? (Almost 8 times more than the capacity of venue!) If you knew that then why did you choose such a small venue with just 1000 people capacity? You should choose a venue like “Jantar Mantar” (Nowadays, it is empty as no political leader has any thought of organizing “Dharna” program there) or Ferozeshah Kotla Ground in Delhi, and give a time of more than a month (yes, a day is not enough!) for answering questions of curious Indians. You are highly popular among youngsters across the globe, but for Indian youth, you are like ‘God’ who fulfills their wish of getting and retaining ‘good’ friends. You have broken their heart once while you discontinued the link of an invite after getting more than 3000 applications. You gave them the second blow in the form of selecting only 900 students out of them. You have ruined their expectation. We interviewed some of the depressed students. Just feel their pain and disgust below:

Marg: I thought that Marc Sir will invite me as there is only one letter’s difference in his name with my name. But, it seems that he cares for social media and not the people living in the society.

Moin: I had two questions for Marc before my application was rejected by FB. Now, I have only one question: Why you did this to me?

Vinal: Oh, it is sooooo depressing. I have prepared everything for this event. My makeup kit, jewelry, and apparels, everything was ready. Now, what’s the use of all these things?

Satish: We know the fact that after completing the course, we’ll get the job through luck and lottery. But, it is painful to know that the Townhall event is also based on both of them.

Omkarsingh: Oye, I have brought a new smartphone with 13MP camera to take selfies with Marc. My application is rejected, now I would photoshop someone’s selfies and put them on my FB account. After all, it’s a question of my reputation among friends.

Oh. It is impossible to cover all of them as every rejected applicant has a complaint about you, Mark. Now, it’s better to get ready for this question: Why only 1 in 9 IIT-Delhi students has got entry to your Townhall event? I have suggestion for you: Try to book a stadium or any big playground when you plan to organize a Townhall event in India. By the way, you can also use this suggestion in giving an effective answer to the aforesaid question.

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