To-Do Apps – Buck Up and Get Your Life in Order

Software 18 Oct 2013
To-Do Apps – Buck Up and Get Your Life in Order

Technology certainly has bound us to it even more now, than before. I remember having an awesome memory back in school; today I can’t even remember my mom’s cell number. But again, back then I didn’t have to bother about half as many things as I do now.

Maintaining a perfect work-life balance almost seems like an illusion! To-do apps are the perfect solution for disorganized people like me or as I’d like to call myself “someone with too many things to be done”

An ideal To-do app would be one that I can rely on, to remind me of everything that I intend to do as well as carry forward the unfinished tasks to the next day making it easy for me to reschedule stuff accordingly.

Recently, I downloaded this awesome TO-Do app on my iPhone, and it has already gotten me back on track. It felt like I had my own Personal Assistant to help me accomplish all my tasks on time (often way before deadlines).

Let me tell you what you should be looking for in such an app. Basically, a time management and reminder app must feature a simple and easy to use interface, excellent and intuitive navigation giving users a trouble-free user-experience. This enables you effectively categorize and store your thoughts, work and ideas for easy management and timely alerts.  Yep! That’s right; the app features tags, groups, alerts and priorities to help you manage your daily tasks

For those of you who prefer a step-by-step approach to tackling your chores customized app is a perfect fit. But then surprisingly, there are apps available that fit to your need. Let me tell you few of the features that I really loved in one of the to-do apps on iTunes.

Simple yet Useful To-Do App Features:

Handy: The app allows you to sync with iClouds entirely free of cost. Read – sync with any device and have your list and alerts always at hand wherever you are.

Categories: The app features 6 relevant categories for your convenience like today, tomorrow, this week, even later and view all. This primary classification makes it easy to sort and add tasks to them. These can be further grouped based on the various filters like pending, overdue, priority, etc. You also set the due date, alert and alarm options which can be repeated daily, weekly, monthly or never. Besides these options, each task can be tagged, marked as done, etc.

Filters: Besides the main categorization and the regular calendar features you can also filter your tasks as important, not important, urgent, etc.  The main menu would filter the apps based on these filters and tags that you have created.

Just to me:  This feature enables users to set a password to access the task. This can even help you manage confidential work-related tasks, as well. Now I call that a neat time management and reminder app!

Badge Icon: You can get the number of entries or tasks to be displayed on the badge after you specify which category it has to display from. For example if you set the badge icon to Today’s tasks it will display the number of tasks lined up for you under the filter ‘Today’s tasks’.

Automatic scheduling: Once you have created a task the app automatically categorizes it based on the time options you have set. Incomplete tasks get automatically scheduled for the next day and are placed under the Overdue folder

Quick Notes: The app also offers a note pad to quickly scribble important information at hand. You can quickly flip through what you’ve written without having to come out of the To-Do app.

 Try out a handy and efficient time management and reminder app to manage your tasks better and find enough time to do all that you wanted without having to worry about deadlines.


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