Tips to Get Your eCommerce PPC Campaign Right

eCommerce & mCommerce 08 May 2013
Tips to Get Your eCommerce PPC Campaign Right

It is not just the blogs and portals that are taking their chances of success through PPC, but it is also the eCommerce sites that are using this paid Internet marketing technique to succeed in the cut-throat competition of the web world. But, the online marketing techniques can yield results only after they are done in proper way. In the same way, if you are incorporating PPC campaign for your eCommerce site, then there are few things that you must implement in your campaign.

Given below are few tips that can help you to make your PPC campaign work well for your eCommerce site.

Research the Market

Before you put your money into PPC, it is important to take an overview of the market and know as much as you can about your target audience. Market research can be very helpful to the marketers as it allows them to reach a very precise market via proper selection of keywords that trigger the advertisements. If you can have an overview about the search behavior of your targeted customers, you can plan and design your ad in better way and can also minimize your expenditure.

You can research the market on the grounds of demographics and other related stats of eCommerce sales. With the help of the data, you can create targeted ad strategies that can yield you better results.

Put Discounted Products on Display

Customers are always on a lookout for affordable, quality products. So, placing ads with discounted rates for specific products is certainly going to increase the chances of bringing more clicks on your product that can lead to sales.  When a customer searches for a specific product on the Internet, it is quite clear that the customer is quite clear about the product and is now comparing the prices.

In this scenario, if he or she happens to come across your ad and takes a look at the discount rate, then your ad will certainly turn out to be more appealing to the customer. However, if you want to gain the trust of your customer, then you should display the same discounted product of the PPC ads on your landing page too.

Make Your Ads More Specific

Unwanted clicks on a PPC ad can be one of the stumbling blocks for the success of your site. So, in order to avoid unwanted audience, you will need to design more specific advertisements. For instance, you are placing an advertisement for round blank paper lanterns.

Now the round blank lanterns come in various sizes, which mean that if a customer is looking for a round blank lantern of 10” and has noticed your ad, he may probably visit your page. But, after landing on the page he finds 12” size instead of 10 inches. This can be a problem for your site as well as it can cost you more. Therefore, be specific while making ads.

Keep Making Necessary Changes to Your Ad

If you want to be to keep going in the eCommerce market, then the next important thing is to make necessary changes to your ads from time to time. Internet trends can flip to 180 degress within days. So, the keyword that is working for you today might not work tomorrow. Therefore, it is extremely important that you keep an eye on the changing trends of your field and keep incorporating necessary changes to your PPC ads.

Do Test Your Ads

Testing is another crucial factor for running a successful ad campaign. So, it is always better to create few dummy ads and check and monitor the performance of those ads. You may have to put few extra bucks for the ads, but it is better to spend few more money than to lose a lump sum amount. By testing ads, you would be able to make improvements that would make the campaign better.

Internet marketing techniques can get tricky at times. By following the right methods, you can at least make sure that you it works so that you can achieve your targeted ROI.

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