Thinking Evil? Hire Hackers; Thinking Good? Hire Hackers!

News & Events 31 Aug 2015
Thinking Evil? Hire Hackers; Thinking Good? Hire Hackers!

The notorious cheating and dating site’s hacking has sent the loud and clear alarming signal to netizens. Riding on the wave of revolutionary information technology, people are ready to compromise their privacy to access obscene, vulgar, and morally unacceptable websites as they remain inaccessible without giving them personal information. But then, hacking looms as an unavoidable and unmanageable risk, and when it happens, millions of people get victimized by exposure of personal data. ‘Hacking bomb’, at times, is much more powerful than a hydrogen bomb, which can ruin personal and marital lives of hundreds and thousands of people in a second.

Here the question arises: Why do hackers hack websites? Although the question seems common, its answer is complicated and ambiguous. Some may say that hacking is their hobby, but, this is not the sole reason or purpose behind this activity. Read on to know more about it:

Hacking for no reason

Yes, they are the people who are bad for the time being, but not harmful for netizens. They tend to heck websites as a hobby or just to tease and harass people on the temporary basis. They just want to show their existence and expertise through it. They are not interested in any wrongdoing that impacts one’s personal life for a long period.

Hacking for bad reason

Some hackers are avid for having people’s secret and sensitive information. The online platform is a heaven for them. They hack for fulfilling their malicious intentions, and activities like blackmailing, cash withdrawal, etc. are followed soon after hacking. They are the most powerful culprits of the web world. Some of them become a pounding headache even for the government.

Hacking for good reason

Some of the victims of recent AshleyMadison hacking are otherwise very powerful persons sitting in high positions. Some ‘White House’ officials along with bureaucrats, businessmen, and celebrities across the world are exposed with this data breach. Some of them are now seeking the help of hackers for deleting their data from the site’s server on a permanent basis. They are willing to pay lots of bucks to avoid embarrassment. Unfortunately, it is not possible till date. Here, can we say that hacking is required for good reason?

Governments of the first-world countries and some of the third-world countries (Koreans, I know you…) have their cyber army. Mostly the government order to hack other country’s website either to counteract hacking done by the other government, or to express distress over geopolitical issues. Of course, the statement looks a bit exaggerating when we say they are doing hacking only for good reasons.

Expertise matters today

In conclusion, we can say that we cannot consider hacking as a good or bad activity, but it is certainly a disturbing and destructive online activity. Ethical hacking gains ground just for avoiding or minimizing the negative impact of hacking. In today’s scenario when good looks bad and bad seem good, we just cannot bind any activity in a particular framework. But yes, expertise is everything. Hackers can make their living through expertise, whether in a good way or a bad way.

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