The Setting Sun of Social Media Marketing

Social Media 18 Nov 2015
The Setting Sun of Social Media Marketing

Social networking showed a rosy picture at the beginning and companies started jumping on the social media bandwagon for promoting their products. Many businesspersons started believing that social media is the most powerful marketing platform, and it is the ultimate panacea for all their marketing-related problems.

No wonder, social media marketing (SMM) was flooded with a lot of techniques and tactics to entice people through social media platforms. Then the reality comes in our way as companies and even social media experts also start finding it difficult to cope with the ever-changing trends and marketing patterns on various social media platforms. Gradually, everyone gets muddled by mighty social media platforms and thinks the ways to overcome the troubles created by social media.

Let us face it. The sun of social media marketing is about to set. Various reasons are responsible for that, but here, we mention a few of them:

1. Faceless relationships: Social media facilitates direct interaction of business owners with both existing and prospective customers. But then, it fails to retain customers in a long run because people get bored with such a faceless relationship after some time. Also, companies fail to give them personalized feeling online in a long run.

2. Consistent and continuous contribution: Social media requires a consistent and continuous contribution. Though entrepreneurs start their campaign with utmost enthusiasm and joy, they tend to retreat after sometime due to lack of interest and sustainability. Such inconsistency in contributing something on social media fails to lead any company’s marketing campaign.

3. Rapid change in trends: Social media platforms are managed by various types of people having different mindsets. Therefore, such platforms have ever-changing trends that reflect on marketing methodologies also. Entrepreneurs need to check analytical tools on a regular basis for finding the impact of an ongoing digital marketing campaign. Also, they need to change strategies accordingly. All these requirements create hurdles in day-to-day business operations.

4. Resources, creativity, and direction: Companies need to focus on marketing for the better promotion of their products. But then, social media acts as a more challenging platform and requires more resources in terms of time, money and content. Also, creativity and proper direction is essential to the success of a social media campaign. In a way, online marketing is far difficult than its traditional counterpart and requires continuous attention.

5. Risk of distraction: Companies require appointing a separate staff for managing and maintaining social media campaign, or else existing staff can get distracted from their routine work while
managing the social media campaign. At times, companies may face the negative impact on both productivity and business operations due to ongoing SMM program.

6. Online harassment: These days, the Internet witnesses a paradigm shift from laptops to smart devices, and therefore, companies find it difficult to tackle increasing incidences of trolls, cyber bullying, and spamming. Any negative news or comment has got viral in a few seconds on every social media platform, and one cannot remove them by any means. At times, businesspersons need to spend a lot of bucks to neutralize the negative impact.

7. Double-edged sword: However powerful and meticulous the social media campaign is, a little mistake or negligence can ruin established reputation and brand image. In a way, SMM is a double-edged sword that can readily make or break company’s reputation, and one cannot remain certain about the outcome of a social media marketing campaign.

In conclusion, it is fair to mention that though apparently social media marketing looks efficient and effective these days, we cannot bank on it for a long run as its sun is about to set.

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