The Samsung Galaxy S5 or the iPhone 5S: which one would you choose?

Mobile & Apps 24 Mar 2014
The Samsung Galaxy S5 or the iPhone 5S: which one would you choose?

Every time a new smartphone hits the market, it’s a battle of Android vs. iOS all over again. This time it’s no different. The Samsung S5 and the Apple 5S will be battling it out in today’s blog.

Yes, that’s right, both the phones fall into the premium category of Smartphones for the year 2014. There’s the bigger, tougher and brazen Android phone and the sleek, elegant and easy-to-use iOS Smartphone, which one would you pick?

By now, all of us have had a firsthand experience of both the Android Operating System and the iOS ones. Most of us even have our favorites, and that makes it difficult to give an unbiased answer to which is the better phone.

So, here’s my take on the two premium Smartphones:

Size and Weight:  As I had mentioned before, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is the larger of the two. It has a screen size of 142 X 73 X 8.1 mm whereas the dimensions of the iPhone are 124 X 59 X 7.6 mm. though its only an inch’s difference, the extra space could be very handy when you are dealing with spreadsheets or notes.

Obviously, the S5 is the heavier of the two at 5.11 oz whereas the Apple 5S weighs only 3.95 oz.

Build/Material and colors:  The Samsung Galaxy comes with dimpled-faux leather finish in shades of black, white, blue and copper. The iPhone 5S is made of aluminum and comes in shades of Gold, Silver and Grey.

Processor and performance:  Inside the iPhone 5S is a 64-bit A7 processor with a speed of 1.3GHz. It features a dual core Cyclone processor and a DDR3 RAM of 1GB. So far apple has never had any performance issues, and their iOS7 is known to be twice as fast as their previous versions and models.

The Galaxy S5, on the other hand, sports an A 2.5GHz quad-core processor and a 2GB RAM. Though the device is to be formally released in April, sources say that the performance was extremely smooth.

Camera:  A superfast auto-focus and post-shot refocusing instantly grab your attention when you check out the features of the S5 camera. The device also has a 2MP front camera while the rear camera boasts of 16 MP. Another interesting feature of the Galaxy S5 is the heat rate monitor that is placed directly below the camera flash. It is a part of the S Health app and a must-have for fitness freaks.

The iPhone 5S has a decent 8MP rear camera and a front camera of 1.2 MP. The rear camera sports a True Tone flash and a backside illumination sensor. The device also has a slo-mo mode. The iSight feature of the iPhone claims to be a better 8MP sensor than the iPhone 5 or 5C. Also, the True Tone flash has two LEDs and the 5S gives better photos in dark conditions as compared to its predecessors.

Software: We are back on the Android vs. iOS debate and I assure this debate can go on and on for hours together. So I’ll leave it to you to decide on which is the better of the two.The 5S runs on the iOS 7 operating system whereas the Samsung S5 works on the Android 4.4 KitKat.

Besides these basic features, there are a few other ones such as the dust and water resistance feature of the Galaxy device and the infrared capability of the same (you can use your S5 as a remote control).


All in all, it’s a tough choice to make between the two devices, but I would say if you love big devices and require it for the extra working space you should definitely go with the S 5 and those who love the sleek and classy yet efficient iPhones, then the 5S is your best choice.

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