The Pros and Cons of the Android OS

Operating Systems 19 Nov 2013
The Pros and Cons of the Android OS

The feud between the Green Alien and the Bitten Apple continues, and it’s getting tougher to declare a winner. However, today I’ll be tearing the Alien apart to explore the pros and cons of the Android operating system. The fun is, I belong to the Author Group Men In Black!!! It’s so easy to criticize something that is not concerned to you… Yipeeee!

To begin with the Android OS was a Linux based operating system which was financially backed and later bought by Google in 2005. The company launched its first Operating system the Android Beta in 2007 where it opened up an open source platform for leading telecommunication companies like Samsung, HTC, etc. By October 2008, HTC released the world’s first ever Android phone the HTC Dream which was powered by Android 1.0. Ever since then; the Alien was given a sweet tooth and embarked on a journey, to launch several versions from cup-cakes to Kit Kat, each a better version of the other.

With its sleek design and being open sourced, the OS has captured a majority of the Smartphone market share in the world today.

The pros

This amazing Operating System has provided both developers and end users seamless freedom to customize and explore new possibilities with their Android empowered devices.

  • Customization: The Android OS is perhaps the only operating system that gives users the opportunity to customize it in any way they want.  A utopian canvas for developers, the platform could be “re-skinned” or molded in any way, and this gained momentum with manufactures across the globe. Since there are more than a million Android developers world over, it has a huge community backing Positioning the OS way ahead of the Curve.
  • Widgets: The widget advantage is like a virtual extension cable than can plug any application  or program right from the homepage without having to launch the app. For example, Android has widgets for media players, checklists, calendars, social media, live feeds, news feeds, emails, etc.
  • Personalized features: The Android keyboard has been designed to give users a very personalized experience. It uses a “swipe” style keyboard, making it easy to type long messages. It can also learn the way you speak to give accurate voice-to-text options.
  • The Google Now: Android’s answer to Siri, the Google Now is included in all the newer versions of Smartphones. It takes personal assistance a step forward by searching for anything on the internet by speaking through the mic of the phone. The application retains a memory of your search pattern and brings up results that reflect your preferences. It also keeps you posted on the weather, traffic, news as well as things on your to-do list, reminders, alerts etc. from your calendar.
  • Independent device: The device does not require syncing with a PC for storing music or images or any other data. The Android device is an independent device which does not require to be supported by an external PC.

The Cons

Just like any other OS the Android has its own setbacks:

  • Fragmentation: This can be one of the biggest setbacks to Android devices. Fragmentation is when mobile carriers and manufacturers hold back new versions of the software, resulting in several versions of the OS to be available in the market. This becomes a problem for developers as most devices would not be updated to the latest version of the Operating System, requiring them to test an application on the multitude of versions available in the market.
  • Security: Being open sourced, this is another gigantic issue that Android developers have to deal with. Even though they have currently taken huge strides in securing devices and the data on them, the Android App eco-system still has several security fall-outs.

A fabulous Operating System that presents abundant prospects to its users, the Android is steadily gaining momentum in the smartphone market. It’s only a matter of time before the cons are overcome, and the pros shine brighter than ever.

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