The New Google Maps –All You Need To Know

World-Wide-Web 13 Jun 2013
The New Google Maps –All You Need To Know

There were many things that Google unpacked at I/O developer conference, which held few days back in May 2013. And, from that bunch of new features, Google gave a new extension to its existing Google Maps. There are many new notable features that are bagged by the new Google Map service. The new version entails prominent features such as live traffic update that any person would need at the top of the basic navigation, virtual 3D photo tours, and many more. Overall, the new update is quite impressive and user-friendly. According to the vice president of Google, Brain McClendon, Google Map is the leader of the digital mapping business. Hence, from his words it is clear that Google Map will serve more than just an ordinary map service to the user.

Google Map will Serve More than Just a Map

Like its previous iteration, new Map will make it easy for people to search for destinations/locations. But, apart from sending people from one point to point another, they will able to evaluate different modes of transit, all at once. For every result that users search for, Map will display labeled and descriptive plot. The most famous places and public transit will have small description depicting valuable information associated with it.

Google Map now comes with intelligence of learning your preferences as you use it. As you rate your favorite places, Maps will get adjusted to what are your dislikes and likes. It even helps you to know the quickest routes to the places you may like. Map allows you to search for the places your friends just viewed, and you can add some significant places as permanent landmarks on your map. In short, you can now make Map a personalized one. Hence, you can say that new Google Map will serve more than just a map service.

Get Acquainted with New Google Map

As mentioned earlier, New Map comes with tailored and interactive features. So, before getting onto the features, you may want to know what all are the things you can do with new Google Map. The following points will assist you in experiencing the difference with new Map version.

  • First of all, open Google Map and pick a place
  • A unique map will built, highlighting related road and places
  • It comes with labeled features so, it becomes easy to discover new spot and roads
  • Including this, you can get the shortest and fastest route to reach there
  • In this process, if you find some intersecting places, you can Star (Save) the places
  • And, if you have already visited some places earlier, you can rate them and publish your reviews
  • You can see the recommendations from your friends and can review them also
  • While searching, if you find place of your like just click to get more information
  • You can sort the map according your transportation means
  • Hence, whatever you choose you will get to your destination faster

Hence, more than just showing a map to reach some destination A to B, it can now educate and make smart recommendations for you (depending on your like and dislike). You can say new ‘Google Map’ is now more ‘Social Map’. Now, as you know what exactly Map has for you and what you need to do, here come its notable features (as promised).


Precise Information Card

This is in fact is the most notable feature of new Map. For every place you search or click on the results, within the main map you can observe a precise information card popping down on the left hand side. Hence, it makes it easy for you to scan through the content. This card also brings along the Direction as well as option to Star (Save) that place. Take this image as an example.

Review the Place You Visit

Map comes with this new feature of rating the places you visited or can see the recommendation from your friends to be sure about the new places that you are about to visit. This is how the Map works:

Category Searching

Depending on what category you are searching, Map is intelligent enough to get itself aligned to it. For example, if you search for fusion restaurants then Google Map will show the nearby related places or similar places to your search. Consider the following image to this context.

Route with Shortest Distance

Map will show the related roads and street to your search on the main Map. Suppose, if you search for route from A: Home to your B: Delfina, Map will show you with following results. The below image shows two route: one with blue colored that will take 13 minutes drive and other with grey colored that will take 15 minutes drive. Hence, depending on your convince you can decide a route. In addition, there is a rail route too.

Traffic Information

When you search for any location or click on any location, you get live traffic updates. There is a colored coded system that will educate you with the rates of traffic. From fast to low, you can get every traffic update for your desired route. Take this image for example.

Search Paths Based on Transportation

After finding the desired route, now Map allow you to choose your transportation means; whether you want to take private, public, walking or biking transit. For example, you pick public transit. So, the Map will show you the different public transit along with timings. You can know the Next Departure information and more options for timings.

This is how you can keep the track of your public transit with respect to time.

Explore New Places in the City

In addition, to just getting the required destination route and information, Map allow users to explore new places in the city. For example, consider this image and for instance suppose that you don’t know ‘557 McReynolds Rd’. Hence, search for this unknown location, and you will automatically get the Street View option in the search window.

And, when you click on Street View option, this is how the Map makes it available to you. As this time, with your search, Map will give the recommendations of nearby places. See below the image, you will see the carousel of different images, videos, etc. You can directly click on any image and can visit that place.

3D Earth View is like Cherry on Top

Pick any street and switch it to Earth view. You can see the 3D Earth view for that street with the new Map. The current version of map does not entail 3D earth yet, but you can still get street view like you would in the old version. Consider following images to know how Map will depict the Earth 3D view.



Hence, experience the new Google Map with the exciting features, and educate yourself with some unexplored places on the Map. The more you use the Map, the better it gets! So, try it out and share your experiences.

Introduction to the New Google Maps

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