The Idea of Google Bird – A Tiny Creature To Make Google Plus Lovelier Than Ever

Brain Drain 27 Sep 2013
The Idea of Google Bird – A Tiny Creature To Make Google Plus Lovelier Than Ever

In this cutthroat competition, even the giant like Google finds it difficult to penetrate in some fields of its own domain, social media being one of them. The wave of Facebook swiped off the glory of Orkut that enjoyed ruling the world with no opposition. Google that has succeeded in many of its ventures has failed equally if we talk about some of its products such as Google Read, Google Health and the like.

A Google’s die-hard fan like me can think many things to actually help Google but then, it’s difficult to reach. I can meet neither Larry nor Sergey directly (Ah, my ill-fate), so posting this idea right here! While thinking about these ideas, I take it as granted that there’s no coding barrier for the Google developers. They can do anything. Below mentioned is the hypothetical idea that can be implemented in Google Plus to make it all different.

Innovation is the key, and we as a user want something different, something new every time! We left Orkut because Facebook came with a lot of added features. We accepted Pinterest because it came up with a new layout that really attracted us. We welcomed YouTube with all warmth because it became not only source of entertainment but also knowledge. Looking at mammoth collection of video tutorials we rediscovered for that video can teach us in far better way. Not to forget, YouTube is the second largest ‘search engine’ for this reason.

Anyway, let’s get back to our idea. Here, I interview with myself!!! I’m speaking about Google Bird. I feel Google can adopt it to make Google Plus like no other!

What is Google Bird?

Google Bird is a hypothetical idea to make Google Plus cuter, better and lovelier than other social media platforms!

How does Google Bird look?

Google Bird is a tiny cute bird painted with colors of Google (BRYBGR). It resembles hummingbird or Google may come up with a better one. It contains a letter in its beak.

How does Google Bird work on G-Plus?

Boring pop-ups don’t tickle my fancy anymore. I want something new. What about a Google bird flying across the screen for a few seconds when you open Google Plus? The bird, in its beak, has cute tiny letter that it opens upon a click. The letter reads message that your friends or loved ones have sent. On the other hand, if you want to send a message to someone through this, you’d click on ‘Send a Google Bird’. A lovely message can be sent this way.

The scene can be further enhanced by having as many birds as the messages are. For instance, if you have 20 messages from your beloved ones, you’ll have 20 birds flying on the screen. All cute tiny birds (say humming bird with Google colors) shall fill the screen with their happiness and chirping (if sound’s on). If there are more than 20 messages, a bird or two will be big in size carrying a bigger letter in its beak opening which will display more than one message.

That’s fine, but what if I don’t want to release Google Birds on my screen?

Hmm… never mind. We shall add something to sort this out. There could be a little bird cage lying in the corner of your screen when you log in Google Plus. The cage is transparent (has golden bars), and you can see several birds in it. If you want to open the cage and release the birds, you click on it. If you don’t click, they remain in the cage, unreleased.

Is there any special Google Bird among others?

Yes! The Google Bird carrying words such ‘love’, ‘luv’, ‘kiss’, ‘smooch’, ‘missing you’ or such variations of affection etc. in its letter will be different in expression and will have a clear blush on its face as if it’s dying to pass the love-message to you. Do you label this bird as a ‘Love Bird?’

The word ‘Bird’ reminds me an angry bird. Has it anything to do with this?

Basically not; this is entirely different concept. Nevertheless, this question has provoked an idea in my mind. If there could be a ‘Love Bird’ why not ‘Angry Bird’. An angry bird will have red eyes and a letter in its beak will catch a fire in case the message contains words like ‘hate’, ‘betray’, ‘don’t want to see you’, ‘hatred’, and ‘detest’ etc.

How can this idea be enhanced further?

It’s simple. The developers can come up with many ideas based on this. What I can think right now is thousands of THEMES based on Google Bird. The jungle, rainy days, autumn and many more themes can be built based on the concept of Google Bird. The users can also send songs, rhymes, chants, voice messages and based on these, the avatar of Google Bird can be changed. Nevertheless, the users will have to choose the category of the message based on what Google Bird will appear.

What if Google does not even see this idea?

It’s its bad then! Keep on struggling for Google Plus! Good Luck Google :(

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