The Battle of Attitude – Web Developer Vs. Web Designer

Web Technologies 10 Sep 2013
The Battle of Attitude – Web Developer Vs. Web Designer

There is a big misconception among people that web designer and web developer are the same; except the name. But, there are many sections that set them apart. Other than just name, designer and developer differs in many factors. In fact, there is always feud between web designer and web developer over which profession is a true calling. They are always involved in the cold war of proving their supremacy over the other, even when they work closely together. Right from the hygiene, fashion sense, gadgets to the salary they play around smartly like yin and yang to prove their dominance.

It’s true that being a web designer or developer is not going to give you an edge with pretty girls (or boys), neither you will be able to enjoy the real bliss of nature (notorious pranks, etc) and definitely no late night parties. Let’s face it. Because of the work call, designers as well as developers have a tough time juggling their life. This is the only thing common between the both. Else, there is a whole list of points that set them apart. We shall first look at developer’s view and then designer’s.

Battle of attitude begins between web developer and web designer

Working Behavior

We build the Building

Developers say ‘what if we have ‘D’ letter in common, we differ in many senses’. According to developers, they build the website from scratch, and are the true builders. They worship CSS, PHP, HTML, and Javascript as God. They are even well-acquainted with style sheets. According to them, designer’s work depends on a developer’s creation. So, basically they build the building.

We make it look beautiful

Although, developer build the building, but we make it look beautiful. Designers say ‘if they develop a website from scratch, we design that scratch and make it look attractive’. According to them, their role of beautifying everything is more important. They worship Photoshop, Gimp and Fireworks as God. Though designer’s work depends on developers, it doesn’t mean that developers are the sole workers.


We have logic

All a developer can think of is logics. What is the shortest code for a particular function or how to develop the script faster? They use their brain in developing loops and sorting the bugs. They are busy in framing logics and accomplishing coding task for visible functionality. The entire logic thing works on the language they use. They see only lines of coding.

We have creativity

Designers are creative and use graphic programs to create website skins (layout). They use their brain for designing and not for coding. They are busy in coloring pixels, framing their ideas and making the website look attractive. There are many platforms that they follow for designing. They see only vectors and raster graphics.


We are simple Nerds

Developers are considered as complete nerds, who have unavoidable cave-man beard. They wear frizzy t-shirt and loose cargos. They accept this and consider it as a fashion statement for developer community. “Actually, if you look at them fashion makes no sense” (a designer commented). They live in their own world and love to be called as nerds. Most of them have been up for night (coding of course), hence have unmanaged hair.

We are stylish Geeks

Designers are geeks, but stylish one. They have trimmed and trendy beard. They wear ironed shirts along with skinny jeans. To them, fashion makes all sense. And, this comes from their ideas and a new way of thinking. They wear fancy footwear and have stylish mop hair. They look trendy. “They just want to impress women around, so they wear such clothes” (a developer commented).


We want keyboard & coffee

Developers can never work without beverages, especially without coffee. According to them, the person who has a brain and maturity to fight the errors (unlike designers) drinks coffee. Coffee is the big man’s drink. Also, without keyboard developer’s work gets stopped. Both, keyboard and coffee, is the fundamentals of survival for developer.

We want Mac & Smartphone

According to designers, people who have lees brain and no capacity to fight back the errors, drinks coffee. Coffee is inflexible man’s drink. They believe that people should get habituated to things that are actually useful at work, like Smartphone. Designers cannot work without Smartphone (a chill pill to them) and Mac; they consider them as the fundamentals of survival for designers.


We fear server crash

“Other than disaster designs from designers, we fear server crashes, EPS files and carpal tunnel” says developer. They panic when the bosses on the head do not know any code. And, most importantly they fear of girls and hardly talk to them.

We fear data crash

“Other than overcoming coding flaws from developer, we fear of database crash, PERL and PCs” says the designer. Including women, the client revisions and fixed-price billing frighten them the most. They are smart enough to take care of the rest issues.

So, who wins the battle…?

Web designers have creative mindset, where as web developers think in a logical way. Developer works on planned methodologies and designers work on brain creativity. Both of them have a different mindset and it is hard to say who wins this battle. Web developer probably can never create an attractive website, and designer would have hard time thinking of logic. So, this battle is a draw. Also, designers and developer have unique role in a firm, and are equally required for web development process. Hence, this attitude battle is a draw.

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