The Anticipated Features of iPhone 5S, 5C or iPhone 6 to Expect in Apple September Event

Gadgets & Devices 21 Aug 2013
The Anticipated Features of iPhone 5S, 5C or iPhone 6 to Expect in Apple September Event

Will it be iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 6 or something else, we don’t know but we are quite amazed with anticipated features of the latest iPhone to be announced in Apple September 2013 event. With every new technology conference, there comes good news for users to expect fruitful advancements in the existing technology. ‘Apple September Speculations’ is a big keyword nowadays spreading like wildfire in an attempt to know what Apple’s basket has in it for users.

With the announcement and official release of iOS 7, the company has already unwrapped small portion of its big basket. While developers are busy in publishing beta versions of iOS 7, users are busy surfing for the biggest share in the Apple’s huge basket i.e. new iPhone specifications running on iOS 7.

First week of September is going to drive tremendous traffic on Google as people must be busy searching for Apple’s new phone. But, till then, people can only search for changes that user may expect in the upcoming iPhone? Let’s find out…

Mute Apple Saying lots of Things

The rumor mill does not seem to be sure whether the next iPhone is going to be iPhone5S or iPhone6. Giving the iPhone history there is always been half-step S model before any new iteration. So, friends you can bet on who will win—the iPhone5S or iPhone6 group! But for time being, let us now have a fast glance over new specifications or features that may come with the new iPhone.

Design & Size of iPhone 5S or iPhone 6

The new design for the new iPhone, well, is not at all new! Users will have to compromise the look and feel of the new iPhone. It will be similar to iPhone5. Even the size will be same as iPhone5. But report says Apple is testing 4.7 inch and 5.7 inch screens for phones. It seems like Apple is mute but saying a lot of stuff

Wrap around screen

There are many techies who believe that the latest iPhone may come with the cutting edge technology of wrap around screen. This means that the display would cover three sides of the latest iphone -the front and two sides to give it a dynamic and one-and-only look. The display would continue to the sides extending the screen. Nevertheless, the users will have an option to turn it off.

iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 Camera

According to an April report from Tinh te, the iPhone5 or iPhone6 may have a 12 or 13-megapixel camera. And 9to5 Mac reported that the iPhone may be capable of recording slow motion videos i.e. video recording at 120 frames per second. Slow motion photography needs a camera with a fast frame rate, and a new feature called Mogul that allow camera to capture video at fast and precise rate. The camera is also rumored to include pill-shaped dual LED flash that can offer greater brightness and more accurate color saturation in photos.

Fingerprint sensor for the latest iPhone

The fingerprint sensor along with code that indicates a new biometric sensor will be embedded on new iPhone. It is not clear whether the sensor will be used solely for unlocking iPhone or perhaps for payments or more. The release of API of fingerprint sensor for other apps is also unclear. Also, iPhone may come with new A7 processor.

Cheaper iPhone version

This is a floating rumor around people for quite some time and it looks finally set to become reality. Cheaper iPhone release in September conference is a heavy speculation. With the speculation that new cheap phone will be named iPhone5C, the conference promises to unwrap new range of plastic and colorful iPhones. iPhone5C is a new speculated name, where ‘c’ may be representing ‘colors’ or ‘cheap’!

If this is true then for the first time in Apple’s history, the company will be unwrapping new handsets in same month. It is worth noting that earlier this year Apple’s marketing chief, Phil Schiller, told Chinese newspaper Shanghai Evening News that “despite the popularity of cheap Smartphones, this will never be the future of Apple’s products.

So, what actually is happening among Apple guys is still a mystery. We can either believe in these rumors and get excited for the new iPhone or can grab a seat and wait for the event to commence.

The New iPhone 5S and 5C (hypothetical)

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