Terrific 10 Things on Google Earth and Maps

Brain Drain 21 Mar 2013
Terrific 10 Things on Google Earth and Maps

Google Earth is a virtual globe, which empowers people to virtually travel the world. From the beautiful landscapes of Switzerland to the dangerous volcanoes, you can explore so many places. But, we humans are bitten by curiosity, and this curiosity does not leave even during travelling. Often when we travel, we are always on search for something interesting, and at times we do come across something interesting, which we haven’t seen before.

Surprisingly, this can happen in Google Earth too. If you are visiting the Buckingham Palace in UK and then, you immediately want to travel to Rome, then keep your eyes open as you might come across some unusual places. And, at this point, if you’re showing concern over the seriousness of my words, then let me show you some astounding, unusual places that were found through Google Earth.

Disclaimer: The weird or strange places shown here on Google Earth and Maps are subject to change/disappear. We keep a periodic check on this post and as our last update, these places do exist on Google as on 31st July, 2013. The latest weird and strange things on Google Maps might have changed.

1>The Airplanes’ Mystery With Perfect Street View

We worked hard to get this. Search for this – A3, Frankfurt am Main, Hesse, Germany and hit GO on Google Map. Zoom in or zoom out to get the clear image of three airplanes in a row! ATC (Airport Traffic Control) does not allow airplanes to be this close in the air but still it has happened here. A complete air traffic congestion. We have orange marked the shadows of the airplanes.

Even perfect is the street view. You may lift and place an orange color man on the road and rotate around. You’ll find the last airplane up in the sky. Perfect satellite picture and perfect street view! Note that from NO other place on the same street you find any airplane!  (Untick the label options from the dropdown menu of TRAFFIC on the upper right corner).

Air Traffic Congestion Air Traffic Congestion


Street View and Sattelite View of Air Traffic Congestion Google Old Maps -Street View and Satellite View of Air Traffic Congestion
On New Google Maps Street View -Be at this place on B43 Route. Only at this point, the airplane is visible. You may zoom at the image (of the airplane) to view it.
Google New Map Street View -On B43 Route. Visible only at this point

Google New Map Street View -On B43 Route. Visible only at this point

  2> Largest Visible Shipwreck

In 2003, S.S. Jassim, a Bolivian cargo ferry aground and stuck on the Wingate Reef off the coast of Sudan. The ship is now one of the largest shipwrecks visible on Google Earth. This can be traced by typing 19° 38′ 46.00″ N, 37° 17′ 42.00″ E on Google Earth/Maps.

The Largest Shipwreck

The Largest Shipwreck

3> Illusion of Radiation in Russia & an Airplane in Lawn!

Yes, this will surprise you twice. An airplane lying in the lawn and some illusion of radiation on the ground. If Google does not want to reveal a place (like a secret place in military area), it simply blurs but here it’s not blurred. A satellite image photography error or there’s something really on the ground -we leave up to you! And yes, how that airplane went there, that too all alone? Try this by simply pasting: 55.832915, 37.61836 on Google Maps (works better on New Google Maps and Earth)

Illusion of Radiation Illusion of Radiation

4> The Graveyard of Aircrafts

Spread in whopping 2600-acre land, this place is The Davis Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson, Ariz. United States. The boneyard is closed to the general public but Google takes you from the top. The graveyard houses every plane from the B-52 StratoFortress to the F-14 Tomcat that fought for its nation since the World War II. Discover a jaw-dropping scene by pasting: 32 08’59.96″ N, 110 50’09.03″W on Google Maps/Earth.

The Graveyard of Aircraft The Graveyard of Aircraft

5> The Fingermaze

In the beautiful Hove Park situated in the English city of Brighton and Have, there resides this interesting sculpture. Environmental artist Chris Dury created Fingermaze. This labyrinth-like design might not exactly look like a fingerprint when you walk on it, but it does look beautiful when seen from an eagle’s eye with the help of Google Earth, of course. And also, this is perhaps the biggest fingerprint you’ll find as it measures around 38 meters. Search Hove Park and find the Fingermaze just above the marker.

Fingerprint near Hove Park Fingerprint near Hove Park

6> Coca-Cola, Chile

No, no! I won’t make you visit the Coca-Cola factory, but I would certainly want you to see this one. Well, till now, no one has actually thought of using Google Earth for advertising purposes, but after this man-made coca-cola manner, companies might give it a second thought. However, for that, the logos and corporate trademarks have to be big enough like this one, the massive coca-cola logo that has been built into the hillside of Chile with 70,000 coke bottles. Simply type -18.529211, -70.249941 (new coordinates after Google Maps update)  and hit search. You’ll land on refreshing beverage!

Coca Cola on Google Maps Coca Cola on Google Maps

7> The Lion in the Jungle

You can find the shape of lion on the ground. Search ZSL Whipsnade Zoo near Dunstable in Bedfordshire, England. On the West side, you find the image of lion on the ground between Dunstable Rd and Triangle Wood.

Lion on the Ground Lion on the Ground

8> Beautiful Human Lips

The luscious lips are a hill formation located in Gharb, Darfur, in Sudan. Enjoy the fantasy! Simply type: 12°22’13.32″N, 23°19’20.18″E and hit search. 

Human lips

Human lips

9> Galesnjak aka Lovers Island

Last but not the least is the Galesnjak Island also known as Lovers Island. Take a look at this island located between Zadar and the Island of Pasman, and you’ll know why it has been named as Lovers Island. It has a near-to-perfect shape of a heart, and after its shape was revealed by Google Earth, it became an instant hit, especially for a Valentine’s Day celebration spot. But, that proved to be a fine day for the owner of this island who got so many requests from lovers who persuaded to stay at his island as it has such a romantic shape. Type GALESNJAK on Google Maps or Earth and hit go.

The Heart Shaped Island The Heart Shaped Island

10> Badlands Guardian -a tribal man with hat and earphone

Located in Alberta, Canada and also known as Indian Head, Badlands Guardian is a geological marvel that typically bears resemblance to a human head that is wearing a full native American headdress. Another interesting feature about this human head is its earphone, which is nothing but additional man-made structures, a road and an oil-well installed recently.

If you drag the mouse further to the left, then you’ll notice another head behind it, which again bears a strong resemblance to a human face and surprising feature is it seems to be yawning as if just awakened from a deep sleep. You may simply paste the latitudes: 50.010442, -110.112927

Face wearing hat Face wearing hat




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