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Windows 8.1 – Microsoft on A Mission to Woo Businesses

The all new and improved Windows 8.1 OS is scheduled to hit the market mid Oct in the US. The preview Launch at Madrid sparked some interest, when John DeVaan, the corporate vice president for Windows

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Things Windows Phone 8 Require to be in Neck-to-Neck with iOS and Android

Mobile market belongs to Android and iOS and at present, both these operating systems look invincible. In the mobile device race, there are two more participants trying to come in neck-to-neck with the top two racers,

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New WP8 Features and What They Say About Windows Phone 8’s Future

[This post has been marked ‘Post with lack of research’ by the MoWeble Group Mates Of Gates] The smartphone market is dominated by Android OS-based smartphones and Apple iPhone. Microsoft’s smartphone/pocket computer, known as Windows Mobile

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Windows Phone 8 -To Buy an HTC or To Go for Nokia Lumia 920

With the fierce battle going on between the various smartphone handsets and OS manufacturers, shopping for a smartphone is certainly not going to be easy for you. The smartphone industry has become amazingly crowded and hence,

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