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How to Choose Smart Devices that Suit Your Personality?

At least a dozen times a week, this question has been asked to me by more than 20 people around. This in fact is the million dollar question to answer. But, as I follow the rule

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How to Identify Virus and Malware Messages on Computer?

I was on pins and needles when I saw a ping from a girl in my Skype. It said, “This is a very nice photo of you on Facebook!” Before I could think about it, my

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Mail Sent from my desktop –because I am poor and practical!

Firstly, I am lucky to born in 1977 and secondly, I am luckier that I am alive and witnessing the change in technology. Well, as a kid, I was interested in something called black and white

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Reasons why Google Reader failed and withdrawn

Google Readers were taken by storm when Google announced the discontinuation of Google Reader on July 1, 2013. People almost rely on Google Reader, and it has become the central part of their daily workflow. It

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Crazy Mobile Apps You Should Not Find in your Boyfriend’s Smartphone

Apple iPhone and Android mobiles have created great opportunities for programmers around the world. Most mobile developers work hard to create productive, entertaining or social networking apps that add value to the life of the users.

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Bad Habits You Have Got from Your Smartphone

Smartphones are just fabulous. These incredible tools have made our lives extremely smooth and manageable. They have so many entertainment apps that keep boredom away from us. Morning, noon and night – these ubiquitous gadgets are

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