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How Are Software Version Numbers Determined?

A version number is a unique set of numbers that have been assigned to a specific release of a program, driver file, hardware, or even firmware. With every new update and when newer editions of a

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What is Software Framework -Its Uses and Types

The terms frameworks and software have become common in the technical world, especially in the web world. In the world of computers, both these terms have been combined to form ‘Software frameworks’ that have their own

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How Technology Has Helped or Bettered Our Society?

Technology changes drastically with the rise of each day, and with this, our life also shuffles back and forth. Technology now is an inevitable part of our society. From waking up in the morning to preparing

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Career Opportunities in Mobile Apps Development

The world has witnessed smartphone industry grow by leaps and bounds. The popularity of this industry has skyrocketed and the reasons are many. It has surpassed human expectations, and provided applications addressing almost every human need.

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