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A Few More HTML5 Coding Tips

HTML5 datepicker prevent past dates My recent venture is a website for booking movie tickets. I am having issues with datapicker. I am not sure about the minimum attribute preventing past dates in the HTML5 datapicker.

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iPhone App Developer – The Qualities to Check Before You Hire

Ever since the growth of mobile apps has skyrocketed, the number of iPhone apps developers, especially from the third world countries, has increased like mushrooms in the rainy days. The low-cost apps development offer looks alluring

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Common Questions and Programming Tips for .Net

Q1: Is there an easy way to update a label from another thread? Ans: Yes, you may do it this way. private delegate void SetControlPropertyThreadSafeDelegate(Control control, string propertyName, object propertyValue); public static void SetControlPropertyThreadSafe(Control control, string

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