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Watchables, Please give a way to Hearables, the New Wearables

Watchables like Google Glass, VR headsets, AR (Augmented Reality) glasses, etc. have created a lot of hype, but ultimately got failed in drawing masses’ attention. Still, tech giants like Google and Microsoft are spending a lot of bucks

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Social Media Platforms – What is for what and whom?

Today, businesspersons jump on the social media bandwagon for marketing their products and services as well as targeting a specific audience. As a result, the whole new discipline of marketing known as social media marketing (SMM)

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Compare Privacy – Whatsapp, Google, Amazon, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.

Post-Snowden era has myriad of revelations regarding breaching of privacy. Both internet service providers and government are involved in some serious issues regarding maintaining people’s privacy online. Some websites are also ‘fishy’ and grab personal details

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Investment in The IT sector – It’s Still a Great Deal

The technology frontier has eclipsed almost all the other sectors. It has emerged as a single largest segment of the market extending benefit to all the associated stakeholders. But, the past has been scary with recessions

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The Difference Between Desktop Programming and Mobile Programming

In this day and age, when a web programmer or a desktop programmer tries his hand at mobile programming, they will realize the fundamental differences between the environments of both. There are some distinct differences when

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Top Gadgets to gift on Boxing Day

Boxing Day is celebrated the day after Christmas as a holiday in parts of the British Commonwealth, when Christmas gifts are traditionally given to service workers. It is legally observed in the United Kingdom, Ireland and

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