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Which eCommerce Platform is the Best on the Cloud?

Be it a business-to-business or business-to-consumer entity, eCommerce platform is the life-line software for any retailer. And with Cloud technology boosting the market, various merchants are planning to transit their existing online retail business on the

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Cloud-Based Data Backup & Recovery System: Protect Your Company’s Valuables

Internet has become an indispensable part of an enterprise’s infrastructure. Use of computers and Internet services has become requisite for smooth functioning of a business. Ranging from keeping track of employee records to maintenance of warehouse

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SAP unleashes SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud – The Next Generation of the in-Memory Platform

SAP on Tuesday announced the launch of HANA enterprise cloud. This cloud based service will offer the customer the ability to run applications on top of a cloud based version of HANA in-memory database technology. This

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The Potential Threats of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is useful in several aspects and that is why it has achieved huge popularity. But along with popularity, it has also been a subject of criticism. Right from the beginning, security has remained one

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