Speed Rush, a Bike Race Game – Why is it a Big Deal?

Games 11 Oct 2013
Speed Rush, a Bike Race Game – Why is it a Big Deal?

Who wouldn’t enjoy the thrill of zipping through the race tracks on their own Superbike? Sounds a bit farfetched? This is exactly what GameAnax hopes to overcome. After the success of Crazy Monster Truck, the gaming studio has gone all out to deliver an amazing Superbike racing experience to all its players. Speed Rush, their most recent project is a console / mobile game that aims to simulate the racing circuit like never before.

The game focuses on delivering a complete biking experience; it’s more about owning a bike and learning how to ‘tame’ it on the race tracks rather than just racing. The game gives its player an amazing simulation where the player can experience the feel, sights and sounds of a real racing track.  Amazing graphics, quality sounds and incredible simulations make Speed Rush different.

The game features 12 phenomenal race tracks that are designed from the real world references of popular racing circuits around the world. To add some zing to the game, the studio has also incorporated mirror tracks.  Besides the Graphics, the game has also simulated different track conditions. Bikers can really feel the difference when they ride on a rainy, sunny or snowy day.

To make the game as real as possible, designers have introduced 12 different bikes that fall into 4 different engines capacities ranging from 125cc to 1000cc. The game also allows you to customize your bike by adjusting the braking, handling, acceleration and tires.

Like I said the game does not focus only on the racing aspect, it’s designed to entertain and engage those who enjoy riding superbikes. The game itself has 4 different modes where the player can race, test his/her skills and get to know the bike.

  • The Normal race allows 8 -10 players outdo each other on the race track. The game announces top 3 winners and awards price money for the same.
  • TimeTrial tests the bikers speed and control over the bike. The player gets 3 laps to clock the best time on the tracks.
  • The checkpoint race lets the player with the least time between checkpoints win. It would calculate the average time taken between all the checkpoints.
  • The knockout race knocks out the last player in each lap. This gives you time to work your way to the top position.

Besides these racing modes, the game also features an event called the Black Race and a free run. The Black Racer event is exclusive for professional bikers and requires players to work their way into an entry pass. The Free Run is to give players the feel of the tracks and lets them enjoy a leisurely run through the track.

To fund this exciting and entertaining game, the studio has launched SpeedRush on Kickstarter a popular crowdfunding platform that acts as a forum, to encourage investors. Launched on the 19th of September the project is seeking funds to the tune of $60,000. With a deadline of 18th Nov, the game already has over 120 backers. If you are a gaming enthusiast, here is your chance to bring this game to life.

Besides the Kickstarter Campaign, Speed Rush has also signed up for the #FreeTheGamesFund program by OUYA. OUYA is one of the most promising open source gaming consoles that is powered by Android. It’s one of the first few micro consoles that leverage a large display. Users can plug the OUYA console even with their Large TV screens. OUYA is expected to bring about a drastic change in the gaming industry as it is the only platform that allows developers to fine tune and modify the source code to enhance its features.

Enjoy the thrill of wheeling your way through the finish line on a larger display!

SpeedRush on Kickstarter

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