Social Commerce -The Next Big Thing on Internet for Marketing

World-Wide-Web 24 Jul 2013
Social Commerce -The Next Big Thing on Internet for Marketing

When the internet arrived, one hadn’t imagined the potential it has given the world. Today the internet provides ample scope for every individual to improve their workflow and quality of life. Businesses were able to make the most of this trend as it gave them an avenue to pursue prospects, flaunt their wares and build a brand.

The vast popularity of the internet gave rise to a trend called shopping ‘online’; eCommerce has been here for quite some time now and is constantly changing and improving to provide users an easy and hassle free experience.

Around the same time, another vertical of the internet that was fast growing was Social Networking. These networking channels soon became a platform for people to communicate ideas, images and videos to other people across geographic boundaries. The ‘like’, ‘share’, tweets and +1s gave its users the power to recommend or suggest products to their friends or anyone in their networking circles. This trend is what gave rise to Social Commerce. With all the major shopping giants on a social networking spree, this trend is sure to stay and evolve to give a wholesome shopping experience.

Recent statistics by StrongMail clearly indicate a rise in social media marketing the coming year. It goes on to predict a 39.6 percent hike in spending on Facebook Marketing. StrongMail also reported that around 23.3 percent brands consider allocating resources towards Twitter as a valuable investment.

Recent eMarketer reports too second the growth of social commerce online –“US Digital Media Usage: A Snapshot of 2013”. The report shows a whopping 2456.2M internet users which are up by 2.6 % from the previous year. It also clearly shows that online shoppers have been on the rise by 2.9 percent, which amounts to 189.6 million users, of which 156.1 million users actually bought stuff off the internet. The growing popularity of social networks as a trusted resource for news, product discovery and entertainment further affirms the growth of Social Commerce. It definitely is reassuring to know that other people have bought the product you intend to buy and are quite happy with it!

Though there was a huge rave for social commerce from the year 2010; networking sites like Twitter and Facebook rampantly selling ad spaces and promoting posts, it didn’t quite convert as well as it was hoped to. Things turned around when US based Chirpify brought about a new shopping experience. It enabled its users to buy stuff that were advertised on Twitter or Instagram. This way when brands sign up to Chirpify they can follow purchases made within social platforms. To top it all recently chirpify added FaceBook to its list of networking sites.

Basically, when you register with Chirpify you can directly buy or sell in-stream on social networks with just one comment. Founder Chris Teso goes on to explain that Chirpify is the only company that actually enables Social media since it allows consumers to pay in-stream on social networks instead of just social advertising. Chirpify requires you to give your credit card details to enable transactions by just typing the word “buy”.

Online shopping has evolved drastically from scouring through endless eCommerce pages and tiresome checkout procedures to a more simple process; social commerce has become the order of the day. Retailers only have to list with Chirpify and then put up their products on FaceBook, Twitter or Instagram and consumers can easily buy them without the hassles of lengthy checkouts and payment procedures.

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