Smart Phones, Dumb Users!

Brain Drain 05 Dec 2013
Smart Phones, Dumb Users!

Smartphones are getting smarter day by day, but when it comes to their owners I doubt (rather I should say I strongly believe) they are capable of using such sophisticated and powerful pocket-size computer. Clicking photos, posting on social media, texting, downloading stupid apps and then uninstalling them, etc, are things what owner boasters and feels great about all the time. Unlocking the Smartphone to inquire time (Poor thing! They keep on forgetting about watches-almost all the time), opening social media chat and bragging a laugh, keeping their phone on LOUD and do all the other stuffs to cast their fake reputation spell among viewers.

Smart Phones, Dumb Users!

More than anything else Smartphones are now a style statement for them. According to them, unless you are not holding broader, thinner and flashy thing in your hand that looks more like a liability, you fail to draw attention from respective other less smart Smartphone owners. Whether or not they know the notable features that make that Smartphone different from others, what thrills Smartphone owners is the fact that they own one! And even if they know the phone’s specification (in details), there is hardly any time that they actually use them.

Smartphone owners are largely facing Smartphone civility crisis of using the technology’s priceless gift. I should rather say Smartphone users are dumb enough not to exploit the gadget but hopelessly getting addicted to it. Being in dumb shoes, there is no expectation of walk of honor from them. Obsessively and needlessly running after changing the phone, DUMB users completely justify the tag honored to them .i.e. DUMB, again! They go bananas after wasting both time and money to keep up their fake reputation in the fool’s paradise.

So, Are You a Dumb User?

After reading the content to this point, you may be thinking- ‘what smart things I did with my Smartphone? Am I also dumb enough to use the smarter technology?’

Other than just texting, sharing content and all the other Smartphone uncivilized stuffs, there are many other things a user can do with a Smartphone. That’s the reason we call it ‘The Smartphone’ right? But, if you perform any of these things with your Smartphone on a regular basis, you probably are dumb and do not deserve to own one.

  • Solving argument by texting and sending emoticons (Hello!! You have an App called Sky**. Just call and say the damn thing!). And most of the times, the digital shouting matches over a texting misunderstanding and the situation becomes worse!
  • Downloading app only for the sake people so that they can find it on your Smartphone. You hardly play or look over the app, which ultimately make you dumb and no smart.
  • Number of taps is only on the ‘Gallery’ icon, and you barely look for the OS updates, security and anti-virus options.
  • Spending most of your time just designing the toughest Homescreen lock pattern, which after trying so many types, even you fail to memorize it. And in most of cases you end up losing your phone.
  • Instead of what’s inside your phone, you are much bothered about how your phone look from the outside i.e. you are always after changing your phone clothes  and dressing it so that it look nice.
  • You fail to get the meaning of the blinking light that changes its color almost all the time-Red, then sometimes green, blue orange, etc.
  • You have poor hands on phone’s built-in features. Sometimes you don’t even realize that your phone has smart calculator or other organizing tools, unless someone ask or you need it desperately.
  • If you use camera ONLY to click photographs, your name is dumb! (there is a word called ‘Augmented Reality’)

Instead of these, if you always hope and look forward to buy those expensive wireless gadgets like Google Glass, Tablets or Phablets, thy name is dumbest! Now, it’s up to your calculation whether or not you found yourself in the category of dumb Smartphone users.

Mobile technology has offered plenty of benefits that a user can employ for making his life convenient and easy. But, instead of going on the road they go off the road i.e. users always tend to get tempted by things that are least smart and dumber. Or I should say the lights of technology are always on, but no one is there in the home to enjoy its bliss! So, be Smart and become Smarter by adopting the effective ways to use your Smartphone.

Really smart use of smartphones

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