Search Engine Optimization –What are The Basic Elements of White Hat SEO?

Internet Marketing 13 Aug 2013
Search Engine Optimization –What are The Basic Elements of White Hat SEO?

Whether we talk about the latest trends in SEO in 2013 or we discuss Google Algorithm updates till date, Search Engine Optimization has been always the topic of debate among webmasters. But then, no matter what, the basic elements of SEO remain the core part of SEO campaign even today. While many webmasters indulge into malpractice of optimizing their websites and articles to falsely attract search engine bots, White Hat SEO practitioners simply follow the basic rules as said by Google. The latter one gets better results in long term whereas the former will be caught one or the other day.

Increased Internet usage has inspired individuals, as well as companies, to have their own sites and make those sites rank well in the search engines. This competition for good page rank has given rise to Internet marketing, which in turn has given rise to several techniques. Among the several Internet marketing techniques, SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization, is the most popular and cost-effective way of marketing.

In SEO, a website is optimized and this optimization affects its visibility in search engine’s natural or organic (unpaid) search results. The efficiency of this technique lies in the way in which it is carried out. While optimizing a site, various factors are considered like how a search engine works and relevant keywords or search terms used by the users. However, there isn’t a fixed process for performing this activity, and there are several SEO tactics that are used to remove the barriers to the indexing activities of search engines. The best about SEO can be learned from Google Webmaster Tools.

Benefits of White Hat SEO

When it comes to the beneficial aspect of white hat SEO, then, undoubtedly, it furnishes users with several advantages. Some of the most definite benefits of SEO are:

  • Getting more relevant traffic
  • Better ranking in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs)
  • Increased online visibility
  • Increased accessibility
  • Easily navigable by the search engines
  • Maximized ROI

SEO is not just about content

SEO is not a new concept, and the site owners are at least aware of the basic things about it. But, whenever people talk about SEO, they generally tend to stick to the fact that it is only about making necessary changes in the content, especially including the keywords and then promoting it over the web. The actual picture of SEO does not stick to this and simply making changes in the content is not good enough to make the search engines fetch your site and give it a better rank.

SEO is far beyond than just optimizing your content. In fact, during site optimization, there are certain durable elements of SEO that must be kept in mind. Till now, the actual method used by search engine giants like Google to give page rankings is a secret affair, but SEO experts believe that there are certain elements that are involved in page ranking and while the content may change over the time, these elements remain unchanged. The usual benefits of SEO are augmented if the durable elements are also taken into concern.

The durable elements of White Hat SEO

I know that at this point, most of you are eager to know about what those crucial elements are and how they aid in better search ranking along with white hat SEO. For the convenience of my readers and to provide them with better overview, I have put them separately so that they can have a clear idea about these elements.

User-friendly design

The importance of design in websites is known to all. You are well aware of the fact that a good, professional web design bestows several benefits upon site owners including customer retention, but did you know that a user-friendly design can add to your SEO benefits?

For some of you, it might be hard to believe this but, this is true. A good web design affects the visibility and search engine rankings of a website. A competent web designer makes sure that code markup is clean and easy to read, which is actually great for crawling your web page by the search engines, thus increasing the visibility of your site.

Well-structured, simple navigation

Navigation falls under one of the crucial aspects of web designing. Just like design, this element is also one of the cornerstones of effective SEO. Often, a site owner is advised to have a well-structured and simple navigation system. It is so because a well designed navigation not only helps visitors to find their way, but it also makes it easier for the search engines to navigate the site.

Providing clear paths to the internal pages of a site through a good navigation system results in efficient page linking structure and brings exposure to the inner pages of the site. This makes it easy for search engine crawling and thus, helps in getting better rankings.

The meta family

The Meta family, the essential part of on-page optimization, has a decisive role in SEO. Meta-titles, meta-tags and meta-descriptions – all these three meta combine to form an important part of your website’s HTML code. The search engines read these things, though they aren’t displayed as part of your website design. These elements of a web page are meant to be accurate and concise as they are critical for SEO.

Creation of relevant and well-optimized meta titles, tags and descriptions is extremely useful in increasing ranks in search engines. The proper optimization of the meta family helps garner better visibility of your site along with higher click-through rate.

Banners or Flash

Including banners or flash in a website is trending in the web development industry. However, there are people who think that including Flash in their website would make it tough for the search engines to find their sites, which is again, not true. In fact, using multimedia objects adds more value to your content and also increases a user’s time on that page, which acts as indicator of page quality.

When a search engine crawls your site, it looks for several things like page quality and keywords that beacon it to your site. Using Flash or banners captivate the attention of your users and make them stay at your site for a longer time, thus, enhancing its worth and giving it better ranks.

Genuine, Relevant Content

Last but not the least, content takes up a crucial form in SEO. But, simply stuffing your site with content is not enough. The content you provide should be unique and genuine. Also, it should be updated on regular basis because a regularly updated website indicates search engines that it is an active site. Since, premium search engines like Google aim to provide its users with fresh content, chances are that your site might get noticed on this basis.

Moreover, relevant, unique content impels users to come back to your site, which increases its credibility and boosts its rank in search engines. This in turn increases the page quality of your site. Also, by regularly updating your content, you can expand the amount of targeted keywords, which is again an effective way of increasing your ranking.

Now, that you know about all the durable elements, you would be able to get your site optimized in a better way. And all those people who want to leverage benefits of white hat SEO right from the very beginning, they can get their sites designed and developed accordingly keeping in mind these key elements.

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