Scope of Online Marketing on LinkedIn to Grow Business

Social Media 08 Nov 2013
Scope of Online Marketing on LinkedIn to Grow Business

LinkedIn over the years has been underutilized, or I would say underestimated social network for marketing. Most people believe that making connections is a tedious work on LinkedIn, and they end up considering it only as a resume site.

Many believe that the network is only for those who wish to switch over their profession or alter it. They fail to understand the way it helps to promote businesses and reach target audiences. There is a wide scope and potential with this social media. Professionals from wide plethora of fields across the globe gather on LinkedIn.

Let me just quickly paint a picture of its position in the market with the help of these stats. LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network with 70 million active members from 200 countries. Almost 560,000 professionals visit the home page, 450 million pages are viewed on a weekly basis, and 42 pages are browsed per member. At present 41% of people use it for marketing and the number is increasingly rapidly.

Trust me friends LinkedIn can only be used as a medium of marketing. Imagine, you are looking to market with LinkedIn; everyone across this network is looking to connect, explore and extend their presence. Few of these explore other employment opportunities, but most of them are striving hard, to find innovative ways of marketing.

I know many of you may wonder how to get started. You may be finding ways to establish the brand on the network with more than 175 million professionals worldwide. Well this blog will certainly help to explore the scope of LinkedIn for marketing.


In order to get recognized with products and services on the internet, the first step is to give your brand something to find. Create profile let people know your presence.  With the recent LinkedIn endorsements, there are better ways of marketing. It is extremely essential for people to know what you do and where you do it. In order to market successfully, you need to create a branding page and keep it updated and active. Interact with clients with whom you had business in the past. Indulge yourself to create the buzz about your company that it deserves. The bottom line is if you want to be found out, be prepared to share information across this network, and see how things work in your favor.

Involvement in Groups

Involving in LinkedIn groups, compliments the above mentioned step. Indulge yourself in forums and groups. Doing so will create an opportunity for you to know the people interested to engage in your type of business. If you are not present there, then you are giving your competitors an opportunity to ruin and capture your market share. Make your presence count and beat the competitor’s don’t wait for things to happen.

Team effort

Team effort is the integral part of any successful business strategy. You need to motivate your employees to create LinkedIn profiles. Although it may sound unnecessary and irrelevant to some of the employees, but who knows some of them might have connections that you have working hard to establish. You need to involve your co-workers and make them a part of your business strategy.

Sharing Information

You can write about the company, its product and services, to attract customers. It doesn’t genuinely matter what level of expertise you have in writing. You just need to have some theoretical expertise. Sharing the knowledge will always prove to be beneficial. If you can pass on the information in creative ways, then you can have the edge. If you are correct in your conjectures, those interested will definitely come back. Promote the blog and develop a personal brand to get noticed.

Utilize the scope of events

Events can be a good platform to promote the business and engage clients. You can create events on LinkedIn. You can also share event information, if you are going for an event, or if you are going to be an attendee. Spread the news across the network and see how it rocks your world of promotions.

Be a member of targeted groups

No matter under which vertical you operate your business. Being members of groups can be highly beneficial. There are benefits of being a member and also being the leader of the group. There are large numbers of member in the group. Being a part of any group allows you to reach masses with your ideas. It helps you to market or make members of the group aware of your niche. This will do wonders for your business and take it to another level.

Be innovative and appealing

Represent your profile in a unique manner. It should be compelling and catchy. Most of the profiles on LinkedIn are boring, it makes the user leave the page immediately and look for other profiles. You can add fascinating stories, videos, and pop-ups with some motivational quotes and sayings to engage visitors. Reach people, let them know who you are, what you do, what are your products and services.

The above mentioned is an overview of the scope and potential of LinkedIn for effective marketing. Adding LinkedIn in your business strategy can be a brilliant idea. Initially it does take time to establish business on this network, but once you are on it, then there is no looking back.

If you keep these basic things in place while marketing, you will undoubtedly consider LinkedIn as the best social networking site for development of business. There are many ways and options which can be utilized as per the need of your business. You can attract the leads, connect with experts and promote your business.

Work on your profile to keep it updated and add new contacts. The more you invest in this, the more the entire network will work positively for your brand promotion.

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