PInterest Tips for Online Marketing

Social Media 28 Mar 2013
PInterest Tips for Online Marketing

Pinterest is a visual bookmarking site. It allows you to pin images and videos that you can share with friends or save using virtual pinboards.  You can create a number of pinboards and categorize them the way you want.  People can follow you or your pinboards on Pinterest. They can re-pin the content that you have shared, and it gets added to their own pinboards. Same thing can be done with the content pinned by others. You can also comment and “like” others pins.

It is emerging as a new interest based social network, with over 12 million unique visitors monthly. It is now the seventh most famous social network, overtaking Google+. Its ability to draw traffic has created a new opportunity for businesses.

It is catching in as a potential platform for promoting products and services. Below mentioned are ten tantalizing tips to reshape online marketing on Pinterest.

Plan and execute

Set the log properly, allow it to pin the things which you need it to. Place the “Follow” button specially displayed on your website to ensure high volume of traffic reaching your Pinterest blog.

Research and analyze

Research and analyze the needs of your potential customer. Closely monitor what they are pinning and accordingly set up your boards to get things going as you intended.

Pin strategically

Pin across several boards and follow pin, re-pin and comments. Be social while pinning.

Give credits to the sources

Know the copyrights while posting, monitor and closely keep an eye on any issues. Be aware of the sources when you re-pin. Ensure that the things you post, you do it with your own watermark. Keep this in mind; as it would save a lot of time and headache in the coming future.

Keep it Simple

Keep things uncluttered, straightforward and easy to understand. Clear visuals increase the chances of being recognized.

Learn from the best

Learning is a never ending process, and it is always good to learn from the experts. Learn from other brands, what made them successful and how they pin stuffs and become profitable.

Run a Pinterest contest

Pin it to win it, come up with some engaging games and rewards for the users. Challenge the users to create pinboards and reward the best boards. Such type of contests is an effective way of generating a large amount of content in the Pinterest feed. In addition, you also get plenty of links back on your site and product pages.

Use expert curators

Ask an expert user of Pinterest to play as a guest curator for a week. You have a large number of followers, and with the advantage of expert author you can further spread awareness about your account.

Include a Pin It button to your website

If your business is product oriented with excellent visuals on the website, it can be utilized to the best effect. Simply add a “Pin It” up button on the website, if the users like the page they may share your content across the network to one of their pinboards. It simply works like Facebook’s “Like” button.

Optimize your Pin copy

Pin collections are now being surfaced in Google and Bing search results. Each pin has nearly 500 characters of copy that can accompany it. Gain attention by being intentional about pin copy. It will help optimizing relevant keywords and increase the chances for gaining extra organic rankings on prominent words for your business.


Considering the opportunities in social marketing space, Pinterest is undoubtedly a powerful driver for brand awareness and increasing referral traffic back to your websites. As it grows, it would widen the horizons for online marketing. Use these tips and capture the imagination of your target audience.

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