Mobile Gaming Away to Glory – Trends and Favorites in 2013

Games 23 Aug 2013
Mobile Gaming Away to Glory – Trends and Favorites in 2013

The thrill of an adrenaline rush is beyond description and gaming seems to be the way to go!  You can fly, fight and flee in a game without really exerting yourself to actually do it. We are all fond of games, and over the decades, they have evolved into what it is today.

Despite the economic slowdown, mobile games sales are expected to touch a whopping $2.5 billion by 2016. The major reason for this rise can be mainly attributed to the success of Smartphones and Tablets. These devices have changed innumerable things in our lives today. They have evolved from being a mere object of communication to your personal assistant (Calendars, alarms and to do lists), to cameras, calculators, navigators, entertainer (songs, videos and movies), gaming console and a personal companion (Siri, Google Now).

The gaming industry itself has evolved over the years, to produce interesting new games, with excellent graphics and an unparalleled plot to render an excellent gaming experience. Previously phones used to come only with the “Snake” game, today it is replaced by a vast range of strategy, racing, card, action games, etc.

Today the markets are flooded with a plethora of games which derive their revenue not just through its sales, but from other channels like advertisements and licensing deals with merchandise, feature films and other Products & services. Studies show that games are mainly targeted at children and youth between the ages of 18-24 as they are most likely to spend money on games.

Trends in smart mobile device gaming

  • Trendy games with strings attached!

Games like angry birds and temple run have used movie licenses to both reach out to people as well as change their games (remember Brave, Oz, Star wars and Rio!). Aligning with existing brands help game developers reach out to a large crowd and extend its lifespan.

  • Games that are so called “Free”

These are games that provide their basic levels for free, expecting users to like the game and pay for an extended version or game extras like currency or additional features. It works as strategic monetization plan outside regular sales.

  • Games for kids – Personal development and the kind!

Games for kids are usually to keep them busy or as some claim, to enhance personal development. These games are usually flooded with advertisements and several locked features to induce in-app purchases.

  • Game styles vary

There are different types of games like sport games, strategic games, which requires long term planning and vision, retro games- where good old favorites are revamped and re-launched, action games, etc. to cater to different interests. But all these games require a little extra cash to attain completion…

  • Networking your scores

This is a recent trend; you can integrate your games with your social network and then check out the scores of other people in your circle who have played the same game. This competition often drives individuals to buy the extended version and outdo their peers.

So that’s how the dynamics of profitable game development works, but this article would be incomplete without my list of popular mobile games in 2013.

Plants vs. Zombie- I know it sounds weird, but it’s an interesting strategic game. You have to guard your house against the zombies by planting different kinds of plants to combat zombies.

Hanging with friends- If you like hangman, then this is the game to have. You have to form words with the letters, and the opponent has to guess them. You have to pop your opponent’s balloons by guessing correctly to win.

Cut the rope- Another attention-grabbing game, this is where you have to cut the rope to release a candy to feed your pet. Clearly it’s not as easy as it sounds; you have to clear a number of hurdles too.

Song Pop- This is for all the music lovers out there. It’s a musical quiz where you have to match titles or artists with the sound clips. It’s a fun game to play with your friends or family.

Fruit Ninja- This is a favorite pastime. You have to swipe your fingers across the several fruits that get thrown at you, slicing them while carefully avoiding the bombs.

Angry birds- Doesn’t the menacing grin of the pigs just get on your nerves? You have to hurl birds at the pigs to get them. This game has been the most popular games for more than three years now.

Temple Run- There are many series to this basic game, where you have to escape from monsters and overcome obstacles and collect coins as you run from the temple.

Candy Crush- Line up three or more identical candies to build up your score. This game has become a major obsession with people.

Subway Surfers- Similar to temple run this game too excites you with jumping, ducking and diving as you surf the subways without being caught by the police. This game offers you a wide variety of settings and a whole lot of added features.

Bike race- A challenging racing game that’s packed with features Bike race is very entertaining and a favorite among racers.

Trends of Mobile Games in 2013

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