Is There Any Relation Between Two CAPTCHA Words?

World-Wide-Web 17 May 2013
Is There Any Relation Between Two CAPTCHA Words?

Sometimes, when we comment or are about to get access to something important, we find some jumbled and blurred words called CAPTCHA to fill for the further processing. When you solve this CAPTCHA, one out of two words proves that this attempt has been done by a human and not by some automated program or virus. There are always two words in CAPTCHA, which act as a barrier for hackers and spammers. Out of two, one word the computer knows is right and it will check your text against it. And, after it has been approved, you get access to that particular digitized information.

Relation between Two CAPTCHA Words

The CAPTCHA process includes a small human test to identify and write the exact word a human see in CAPTCHA box. These test words are easy for a computer to generate, but at the same time hard for it to solve. So, if a correct attempt is encountered, it is assumed that a human gave that correct shot. Moreover, this ensures that there are no unwanted internet bots accessing your websites for fetching highly confidential information. A bot cannot process the images and blurred text properly as a human can!

The computer randomly generates these letters for security purpose however; sometimes it becomes hard for human even to guess for those letters. In this case, a picture CAPTCHA of certain animal is created that again only human can guess. The bot can analyze the picture, but cannot guess the exact animal.

Hence, while solving the CAPTCHA, sometimes I wonder and get irritated about the fact that why there is a need for only two words in CAPTCHA, why not three or five? Moreover, why letters are so shabby and blurred? Is there any relation between them? Let’s find out…

Out of the two words, one is real and other is fake, and the real one is computer generated while, fake one is unknown to the computer itself. The word which seems to be blurred, harder to understand, have numbers, symbols, indecipherable text, etc, are considered as fake words.

Real word usually uses the same type of font as the fake one does. Generally, the letters making up the real word are distorted, wrapped, and lines making up the letters are wavy and vague. You would have come across the word with numerous noticeable dots around; they are obviously scanned from a book and hence are fake! Once you start out, you will find difficult in discriminating the real and the fake one. However, the proficiency about guessing the right one will come eventually.

As such, there is no meaningful relation between two words but the reason behind using this is huge. It is to identify whether a human had made that attempt or a software program. Though it is annoying, at times it serves as the best solution in preserving your digitized information on website. By acting as a barrier between the hackers and malware, you can have complete control over your content.

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