iPhone App Developer – The Qualities to Check Before You Hire

Software 12 Sep 2013
iPhone App Developer – The Qualities to Check Before You Hire

Ever since the growth of mobile apps has skyrocketed, the number of iPhone apps developers, especially from the third world countries, has increased like mushrooms in the rainy days. The low-cost apps development offer looks alluring but ultimately turns out to be a gentle trap for the buyers especially from the US, UK and Australia. Which way out think the buyers, but unfortunately, once the payment is done and the project is executed, the matter is already rotten to the core.

The loss the buyers face is inexplicable. Not only do they lose hard-earned money but also they find no developers who will take the half-baked project. Another nail in their coffin is the product is neither worth selling to the third parties nor is it workable for their own use. As a last resort, owners simply fuh-gett it and go for native iPhone app developers doing in-house development. Though this will cost them an arm and a leg, they are happy because ‘all is well that ends well!’

Is outsourcing project to strange iPhone app developers seriously bad?

Our first answer is YES, it’s terrible! Yes, you read it right. It’s terrible IF you do not check the qualities of the developers you are supposed to hire. Unfortunately, Google does provide the results based on the quality of webpages but does not check the qualities of the programmers! Even further, most of buyers from western countries believe that all who rank first on the Google search page are the best iPhone apps developers.

Okay, our better answer is NO, outsourcing is the best option! Not only does it help you save money, but you may find the best outsourcing companies for all your future deals. Give all worries of iPhone application development to them and you better take care of other businesses.

Choosing the best one – taking the bull by the horns

Well, for you as a buyer, there’ll be teething trouble. But once you get the right guys in, things go flawlessly. The only way other than in a case where you personally know the developer is finding iOS apps developers on the internet. They work on both iPhone and iPad programming. You may do an online research about the firms or freelancers who can get your work done. Nevertheless, it is always better go with awell-established firm working solely on the domain of iOS programming for custom apps development.

If you search on the internet, you may come across several companies offering the best prices for custom iPhone apps development. While not all companies offer same prices, in general, they charge USD 15-25 an hour. There are companies charging less or more than this price but then they could be too cheap or too big respectively. Finding appropriate programmer for your project is the key to get your project executed without any hassle.

Qualities you look in an ideal iPhone app developer

You do not need to use every trick in the book. Here, we list the qualities that will help you judge the programmers whether or not they fit for your project.

  1. Firm or freelancer? Well, market gurus believe that outsourcing from a well-known offshore company in mobile apps developing is preferred over a freelancer who has nothing more than a bunch of projects with testimonials from the past and an email id! On the other hand, you should prefer an established company that is registered and in the industry since years. This way, you can be sure that at least they have offices and development hubs. Experts suggest that if your project is ongoing or a large one, better visit the company to finalize the matter.
  2. Knowledge. In the world of technology, knowledge update remains the most significant factor. Fuddy-duddy programmers are not preferred anymore. The iPhone apps developers should have thorough knowledge about the latest iOS version. Developing apps on the latest version of Apple OS will ensure that your device gets you the best of its capabilities.
  3. Grasping power. The programmers must have strong grasping power to understand your objectives. If you waste precious days making them understand what you want, the kick-start of a project may get even delayed. In addition, slow-witted programmers take a hell lot of time in programming, and even a bit of change in objective comes to them as a nightmare! Forget having a change in scope if your project is in such hands.
  4. Availability. One of the most crucial factors you must check out in your programmer is their availability. Nevertheless, this is not the problem with most of the companies in the business. But make sure that the key persons (such as project manager or a team leader) are available in your time zone. Consider this factor while outsourcing the work to the third world countries like India.
  5. Punctuality. The programmers you hire for iPhone apps development should be punctual. It should be in terms of availability at a fixed date and time for meeting, and also reporting the progress of the project. Regular reports keep you informed about the project milestones and therefore, meeting the deadline specified.

Programming to partnership – the latest and preferred trend in the IT industry

If you wear more than one hat, the best option is to make the IT company a partner for all the future projects of yours. In fact, this is the latest trend booming in the industry.  If you find a trusted offshore iPhone application development company and have been in association for quite a long time, you may think of an option of making them your partners. Having this said, the apps developing company shall serve you as an extension of your software development. Partnership may come in many forms but ultimately, it is an association between you and IT company for all the future projects of software development in mobile technology. This option is very beneficial if you are a small company getting regular projects but do not have proper infrastructure or lack the programmers.

Keeping several factors in mind, you may contract iPhone app developer or the entire team of developers from a company. You may then indulge yourself in your core business with relish!

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