Internet Security for Small and Medium Size Growing Businesses

World-Wide-Web 26 Feb 2013
Internet Security for Small and Medium Size Growing Businesses

In addition to large-scale business, Small and Medium Business (SMB) also often experience great peril from hackers, malware and other security threats. Along with this, the entire livelihood of both is at risk. Hence, maintaining a secure path for your growing business is very crucial matter to consider. Here are some need-to-know facts for you to bear in mind when it comes to your growing business.

Small-scale business are more liable to be attacked by hackers

The percentage of hacker attacking business is crucially high. And with every small scale growing business, this malware threats are also increasing. According to a survey, on an average, there are 14-targeted attacks in a day that are aimed at SMBs and this number is still increasing. This is a clear evidence of SBMs being more liable to get exploit by hackers. Enterprises, on the other hand are well established in terms of security, labor and capital. Hence, they have fewer chances of being attacked by hackers. With less protection in place and less cushion to help your business recover from a breach, for an SMB, an attack can mean the difference between success and failure.

The software security is not enough to secure you with its security

Obviously, everybody must have deal with anti-virus softwares and system updates that offers vital patches against malware attacks. But what may not be obvious is that, these patches are activated only after the occurrence of malware or other security incidents; strange but true! And the duration for such occurrence can take much time from weeks to months. Hence, leaving an unprotected system is more vulnerable to various virus attacks. Hackers have now developed over 403 million new variant malware at alarming rates. So, without any protection to your system the business’ critical information, efficiency and capital are at a greater risk.

Infographics on mobile apps for small businesses

Use of smart mobile devices for small businesses is on the rage

E-S-E: Three key areas that SMBs should look for

Ease-of-use: easy installation and use of security products will assist SMBs to concentrate more on business rather than software!

Speed: There should be a quick scanning process for virus and malware detection. Moreover, the process has to be smooth and system-friendly so that there is no harm to the system’s processor.

Effectiveness: Speed is though an important aspect but a combo of speed and effectiveness is yet another essential factor for virus detection. There should be a proactive protect against the all known and unknown threats without disturbing daily business functions. And this can be achieved with high effective performing security solution.

System protection for online businesses is now affordable

Areyour resources and budget limiting you to go for higher rate of system protection? With latest technology of cloud computing, it has becomes very easy for SMBs to implement and use the protection services offered by larger enterprises. Hence, instead of hiring an in-house IT staff to manage your system from malwares, SMBs can easily enjoy the protections available with cloud-managed security technique.

These four points will help the business enterprise to have more flexible and cost-effective security against any malware thereby, increasing the efficiency of your growing businesses.


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