How well did iPhone 5S and 5C do in the market?

Gadgets & Devices 29 Oct 2013
How well did iPhone 5S and 5C do in the market?

Apple had a surprise for its consumers this year – it was releasing two phones at the same time; the high end Apple 5S and a low budget 5C. Every time Apple announces the release of a phone, it practically slows down the market for its competitors. As is the case Samsung, LG and other manufacturers took a blow as the news of a budget phone trickled in. Besides, the cost factor, Apple was also giving its buyers a choice of colors and features of the iPhone 5. As for its high-end version the 5S, it promised a faster processor, improved image and camera quality as well as the biometric sensor. The sensor part had several heads turned especially from an enterprise perspective. The speculations were endless as analysts and developers debated at large over all its features and the feasibility.

Amidst all the hype and buzz, Apple unveiled its products on the 10th of September 2013. The company introduced its 5S model in shades of black, grey and gold with the new clutter free iOS7. True to the rumors the model featured a fingerprint sensor on its home button and sported the A 7 chip with 64 bit architecture. It also had a powerful iSight Camera and ultra fast LTE wireless. The model came with a price tag of $199 for the 16 GB model, $299 for 32 GB and $399 for 64 GB models.

However, the 5C model was a major disappointment as it was nowhere next to a budget phone. Priced at a rate of $99 for the 16GB model, with contracts it was a major blow to markets like China and India where other manufacturers offer excellent smartphones at half the price. The 5C sports the A 6 chip and is a slightly mellowed down version of the 5S.

Sales and figures of iPhone 5s and 5c

Contrary to its previous operational model, Apple has remained rather tight-lipped over its pre-order sales figures. Since only the 5C was up for pre- order, it’s difficult to compare the two models. As for the figures, initially analysts expected the 5C to do well and pegged down the numbers to around 2.2 million orders within a week of the announcement. On the contrary, present day sources show that Apple has asked its iPhone suppliers in China to cut down on the production of the 5C. Pegatron Corp the company that assembles Apple’s iPhone 5C has seen a 20 percent reduction in orders.  The numbers clearly indicate a gaping hole in Apple’s vision for capturing emerging markets.

The 5S on the hand seems to be doing well. Though the phone was not up for pre-order shops have quickly sold-out its 5S versions. Apple is said to have sold more than 9 million models of the high end version within a short period. It definitely is ramping up its production for the 5S and analysts expect sales to a tune of 53 million by the end of this quarter.

As opposed to initial speculations, the 5S sales seem to be doing much better than the 5C. Today online Apple stores in the U.S and China offer to ship the 5C within 24 hours, whereas the 5S orders take 2-3 weeks.

Reviews on the latest iPhone devices

The 5C definitely is a colorful iPhone 5 but much cheaper, and you could say faster. Don’t just brush it aside as a colorful iPhone  5; besides sharing a few of the tried and tested features and hardware the 5C has several new to offer. Obviously it runs on the iOS7, has an improved 1.5 MP front-camera, and the extra smooth and solid plastic casing makes it feel like enamel. The phone can be called a perfect combination of software and hardware.

When it comes to purchasing a 5C, it’s a good choice for first-time iPhone buyers or for those of you who use the older models and don’t intend to spend as much as the 5S, but if you already have an iPhone 5 you could just upgrade to iOS7.

Coming to the 5S, there have been several under the hood changes that clearly sets it apart from the older versions. To begin with it comes with a new 64-bit A7 processor which makes the 5S twice as fast as the iPhone 5. A relative comparison of the 5S with its Android counterparts showed that it performed 33 % higher than the Galaxy S4 and 65 % higher than HTC One (conducted by GeekBench based on a number of parameters.) The battery life has also shown significant improvement – the 5S clocked a whopping 11 hours on a looping-video test.  Not to forget the Touch ID that the 5S has incorporated, it offers seamless usage where you don’t have to go through tapping in 4 digit passcodes each time you want to unlock the phone.  However, the Touch ID cannot be used for third party apps as Apple does not store fingerprint details on iCloud or do any kind of fingerprint banking. Also being the first 64-bit processor the A7 chip and the M7 coprocessor the 5S has opened up innumerable prospects for app developers. On the whole, the 5S certainly lived up to the hype provided you have deep pocket.

The Future of iPhones

We rarely come across truly revolutionary products. It requires thorough research, planning and foresight to come up with products that stand the test of time, create history, signal paradigm shifts and surge industries forward.

Apple has definitely proven its expertise in coming up with radical products that have changed the way we live today. The Mac, the iPods and a whole slew of other products like the iPads, iPhones etc continue to push the envelope.  History has shown that every product goes through a pattern of the rise, a peak and then a fall, and companies like Apple are no different. In fact, Apple has actually used this cycle to its benefit; it has been able to categorically move downmarket with its products to broaden its appeal and user base.  It is also one of those companies that have been able to successfully leverage Cannibalization, and the same is expected to happen with the iPhone. The company has already made preparations by launching the cheaper 5C, which will push iPhone ASP down. This would increase adoption and unit sales before the iPhone itself turns archaic in the wake of a novel invention. In Jobs own words, quoting legendary hockey player Wayne Gretzky “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been” Apple will definitely cannibalize itself instead of letting a rival get there before them.

iPhone 5S and 5c

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