How to Use # (hashtag) for Twitter Promotion

Internet Marketing 01 Feb 2014
How to Use # (hashtag) for Twitter Promotion

Twitter has over 500 million users around the globe that post around 340 million tweets daily. Most of those tweets will include a hashtag, and despite their growing popularity, most people are unable to understand how to use them to promote their business. Through this effective marketing tool, organizations and businesses are increasingly coming up with creative ways to communicate information and interact with customers on the micro-blogging site.

The # symbol has an important meaning to it. It is basically a message that is sent to other twitter users, telling them that you are talking about this topic. The users should use a hashtag in all their tweets if they want to talk about it with you; otherwise you may not know that they have tweeted about it. It may be hard to believe that one little “#”makes all the difference. It can be used efficiently for marketing and promotional purposes.

Twitter users can keep themselves up to date and participate in conversations without even knowing or following the other person. Most of the great hashtags out there may span thousands or even millions of users, and it is a nifty trick to get the best possible visibility for you. The main problem is after you’ve identified a hashtag, how would you like to use it. This is a list of some steps that can make the process much smoother.

Conduct Research:

A few simple searches on Twitter can enable you to see the tags that are popular in your industry. If you are just starting out, it is safe to go for ones that are already widely used. You can even combine two different keywords while marketing or promoting. This means you can use the word that has widely been used as well as your own newly created hashtag word.

Simplicity is the Key:

The hashtag must always be concise, easy to read, and remember. Tweets with multiple such tags are generally difficult to read, and less engaging. They also generate low click through rates and make you appear desperate for attention. So, it is advisable to just tag the most important word or phrase that represents the topic of your tweet.

Create a Community:

You can create your own hashtag and then write about it if you already have a loyal audience on your blog. You can promote your brand and take advice for how they could use it to connect with other readers on your blog. Once the community has grown sufficiently, the next step is to host a weekly/monthly chat where people can get together to learn or discuss a current issue.

Contribute towards Conversations:

Contributing towards an existing hashtag is another way of driving more prominence to your brand. It will also increase the chances of it being re-tweeted. This way you can even tap into the benefits of this form of marketing without creating them on your own. You must also keep an eye out for relevant hashtags for your business.

With the effectiveness of using hashtags for promotions and marketing purposes, other social media sites other than Twitter have also taken to using this form of marketing. This tool has the capacity for you to engage with your potential clients who are in the same line as your field of expertise. You can use them to keep yourself ahead of the competition, in today’s competitive market.

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