How to Get Your Stolen Smartphone Back?

Mobile & Apps 10 Jan 2014
How to Get Your Stolen Smartphone Back?

Technology innovations, especially on the mobile landscape have experienced a tremendous upsurge. This has increasingly become the target for crimes. These days, you never know who is eying your mobile device for stealing it.

Phone thefts are increasing in every corner of the globe. It can happen to anyone anytime, or it has already happened. This is a matter of concern, since; phones are little of everything a photo album, a diary, a bank account, a gaming machine and a wallet. So, the theft of your phone might leave you in a vulnerable situation. In addition, it is also discomforting if a stranger gets hold of your personal information such as emails, contact list, bank credentials and social networking passwords.  So, what measures or immediate steps you must take to increase possibilities of getting your phone back?

You may lose your phone while traveling, or it can get snatched from your hands. There may be instances where late night booze party left you unaware of your phone’s whereabouts. Since, the phone is stolen now, all your personal and professional information lies in the hands of a criminal. He / She may want to hurt you by using your bank credentials to make unauthorized transaction, or break the phone for a particular part. So, how do you get the phone back? Well, here is the answer, consider these essential tips, which refrains data theft and would possibly get your phone back.

Track using device locators

Most of the smartphone makers do provide their built-in system to track and lock the smartphones. All the buyer needs to do is register on their ‘phone tracking’ webpage with their accounts (Google, Facebook and so on) and the track is on.

Let’s take a few examples.

For Sony Xperia users (My Xperia application)

The Xperia range from Sony Mobile has a powerful in-built application my Xperia that is very useful in locating device on the map in real-time. Manually activate My Xperia application on the device before gaining remote access.

To activate, follow these steps on your device:

  • Go on the home screen and tap the applications screen icon
  • Tap settings — Xperia — my Xperia
  • Tap activate and accept all terms and conditions

Now, since you have realized that your phone is missing or has been stolen. Quickly sign in My Xperia. Immediately you will see the location of your device on the map. Further, you can remotely access the device without the knowledge of the phone user. You can send messages, erase data and also ring alarm and set the phone on vibration for some time. This is a proven technique to get your Xperia back. However, ensure that the application is activated.

For Samsung mobile users (Find my Mobile)

Samsung device users should create a Samsung account and track your phone. This service will help you feel at ease. This service is called Find My Mobile. The service supports almost all the Samsung devices irrespective of the operating system. To avail benefits of this service, you need to be logged into both your Samsung and Google accounts.

Follow few simple steps and track your phone remotely. You will be able to see the current location on the map and also the History during the last 12 hours. You can lock the phone and ring the mobile at the highest volume regardless of the mobile vibration and sound settings for at least a minute.

For other Android Devices (Android Device Manager)

ADM would help you to remotely locate, track, ping, and, if need be, remotely wipe your data using a web browser. The ping feature will ring the phone, even if it is set on vibration or silent mode. By using a web browser, you can log into the ADM dashboard to see the location of the phone, anywhere in the world. In case, you do not get the location, you can remotely wipe the device’s contents.

For iOS mobile users (Find My iPhone app)

Find My iPhone app is a free Apple app allowing you to track whereabouts of your device. To access this application make sure you are running the latest iOS version and having iCloud account.

Find My iPhone allows you to remotely access your iPhone and locate it on the map, display a message, protect your private data, play a sound at full volume (even if the phone was set on silent mode) and remotely lock your device.

For Nokia Lumia users (Find My Phone)

Nokia phone users can track their lost or stolen device with a similar feature as mentioned above. You need to have a Microsoft account. With the same account you can log in and get real time location updates for your device.

Get access to the model and serial number

But, in case, you forget to install the aforementioned apps or activate them, then chances are few for getting the phone back. But, have high hopes and try to get access to the model and serial number. The key to locating the lost phone is to know their pertinent digits (model and serial).

If you file a police report, the form does ask for the following details. Having these numbers handy would make it much easier to reclaim your property. In this case, if you fail to produce these numbers, you can check the box of the phone you purchased. It has the model and serial number. Still, if you fail to find the numbers then contact the vendor and retrieve the purchase bill, it will have the serial numbers. This will strengthen the chances of getting the phone or the phone being tracked down.

However, prevention is the key

The above mentioned mobile features can increase the possibility of locating the device. However, prevention is always recommended that minimizes the damage. To start with, you can use the screen lock for the phone. This will make it difficult for the thief to immediately use your phone. You can use the time to suspend your service before the thief racks up your phone bill.

Install apps that can help you to locate the phone after it has been stolen. Free popular apps are available that include a SCREAM function, and the ability to remotely locate and lock the phone screen. In addition, you can also remotely wipe of the data after creating a backup of your data and restore it to another device.

Though, the above-mentioned applications and measures eliminate the risk of losing your phone, a common irony prevails that users rarely pay heed to the critical features and functionality of the device. So, if you are one those users who fail to make smart use of the mobile device, the above mentioned immediate and plausible ways of getting your stolen phone back are meant for you.

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