How Technology Has Helped or Bettered Our Society?

Hotchpotch 26 Mar 2013
How Technology Has Helped or Bettered Our Society?

Technology changes drastically with the rise of each day, and with this, our life also shuffles back and forth. Technology now is an inevitable part of our society. From waking up in the morning to preparing breakfast and dinner, we almost depend on technology. It is like a normal part of our life that helps in our day-to-day activities. From desktop PC, laptops to smartphones, we are almost glued with interactive technology called the Internet and, why we should not! Technology is the easiest and fastest way of growing and gaining knowledge.

Technology is making the television look prettier with HD image quality, houses look smarter and is changing the every aspect of government and business. The technology is shrinking the world and giving access to almost everything to everyone. It is building the bridges between the people from opposite poles and allowing them to communicate with each other in a very affordable and easy manner. It has overcome the physical distance and is successfully establishing the mutual friendly relationship across the globe.

So, why Technology is so important?


With latest technological inventions in mobile communication, people residing in any part of the world can easily communicate with anyone they want. With 3G and 4G mobile broadcasting network you can talk, send messages, emails, videos, etc, from any part of world. The Internet has brought a new difference into our life, as it aids you in searching for perfect life-mate through new ways of interaction with people and sharing your personal interests. With different networking platform like Facebook, Twitter or MySpace, people can connect with any part of the world for any digital information.


Technology has allowed farmers to grow better crops in smaller area with higher money yield per acre. It has also leaded the food and supplement transfer much easier with the transport and framing equipment facilities. The various preservation methods on food allow farmers to transport frozen, fresh or half-baked food across the globe. Hence, there are huge improvements because of the technology in agriculture.


We all know, with the invention of penicillin, the world of medicine has grown exponentially. Medical technology has expanded with the area of curing the fatal diseases, which were not possible earlier. With various life support machines and antibiotics, it has allowed medical professionals in sustaining life and offer improved treatments to the patients. With various organ transplants, technology is beneficially transforming the medical industry.


There are times, when we feel lazy in going out for shopping and get all nicely dressed up for the same. With the help of the Internet, people can connect with any eCommerce online store, and can buy the require items from wide varieties available on it. This has saved our time and efforts, which can be utilized in many other essential tasks. With various smart gadgets around us, we can get access to almost anything, anytime. This is the fruitful gift from technology to people that help them reach to everything on just few clicks!


Technology has removed the necessity of carry whole cash of money, especially when you are out to buy something expensive. With the small plastic card, which we call it a credit card, you can carry all your money in a much hassle free way. Credit cards have made the shopping and other payments easy and just a swipe away. Moreover, how can we forget the use of Debit cards! Technology has blessed us with this great invention and has made our life easy.


With the new technology of eLearning, student now actually can have visible reasons for everything that exists in the world. With high quality images, video presentations, zoom in facility, tutorials and detailed information of their core topics, technology has provided an ease of understanding the complex topics. eLearning has not only helped students in urban areas, but also in rural areas. Now with the technology aid, children from villages can get education with much affordable prices. Not only children, even teachers can get more exposure to their core subjects.

Gadgets for personalized use

You can readily use various mini LCD screen, latest music players and GPS systems for your car, and can covert your normal driving experience into enjoyable one. With various PS3 gaming and mobile applications, technology has served its best in keeping our children busy in playing games rather than being involved in some grey and shadowed life.


The technology has done a great job in transforming your business. Now there is no need to advertise by distributing leaflets or pamphlets for promoting your business and attracting customers. With innovative and attractive websites, you can easily lure visitors and can convert them into payable customers. Technology is the core part of business. It is used in every process of project execution, whether it is developing software, networking within the workforce or contacting clients.

Moreover, technology has proved to be a boon for freezing our memorable moments into digital information that stays fresh forever. Technology is a veritable aid for providing security products for business, school and home protection. It has brought a drastic change in airways, railways and roadways industry. The Internet, Television and gadgets are the important technological achievements that keep people informed about various happenings around the world. It has brought a modern area in our life that has surpassed the various superstitious about distinct religions. Today’s youngsters do not follow religious dogmas blindly instead, they question their legitimacy before accepting them.


Though technology has made our life easier, from the true sense of life it has also created a wall among distinct individuals. Technology has benefited society, but it has partially parted the society. Whether you are at dinner or brunch, the decision is always about the latest gadgets, software, jail breaking iOS, PS3 or mobile application. The technology has adversely affected the society. There are hardly any verbal communications and the youth is missing out on various emotions, empathy, reading social facial expressions and body language. Technology changes means all new risk, hence, we should spend less time on some machine and go back to our old ways of leading life.


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