How Much Contribution Do Games Have in Making Facebook Popular?

Games 16 May 2013
How Much Contribution Do Games Have in Making Facebook Popular?

Gaming for Facebook is like an interactive business that functions to not only provide streamline gaming experience, but also help in monetizing the corners of Facebook. As compared to normal social interactions, Facebook is concentrating more on building user friendly and flexible gaming experience. This is the reason why the first quarter report for 2013 of Facebook has a tremendous growth in its popularity through games.

Facebook Games—An Attempt to Make Users Active on Facebook

As stated during the Game Developers’ Conference, impressive statistics have been revealed by Facebook that indicate increased number of users playing games. According to this, more than 250 million people on Facebook actively participate in playing its offered games. The total number of active players has increased by 24 percent in a year. As there is more user engagement, Facebook is experiencing tremendous traffic, and hence, exciting revenue. This is the one of the reasons why Facebook is so popular among its users.

More than just a chatting-n-sharing tool, Facebook is now an established gaming and networking platform that has succeeded in bagging n number of users. Facebook is following a new mantra of making its users active through mobile and web apps. They believe that quality games will catch quantity users. And, they did prove this belief by bagging 55% of total users who play games daily on Facebook.

With 2/3rds of billion people daily log-in on Facebook, there is an unexpected yet impressive increase in revenue from $1.058 billion to $1.458 billion this year. Out of this, 85% of revenue comes from advertising and gaming. Now the question arises—despite of being one of the famous social networking sites, what has prompted Facebook that it is now equally a famous gaming tool?

How do Facebook Games attract the users?

The quality of games and quantity users are directly proportional to Facebook’s popularity; if both increases possibilities of Facebook becoming popular increases. However, there are other factors aligned equally in the race of Facebook’s popularity.

User-Friendly Graphics

The playing environment for gamers is so simple and attractive that it always tempts users to explore more out of that game. The intuitive designs and engaging concept hold users for hours on the Facebook. Moreover, the overall objective of various games encourages users to play more of a kind game.

Multiple-Flexible Options

Users have multiple options like designing their own gaming character, gaming environment, outfit of the character, etc. There are many flexible options like you can connect to various other players who have already played that game and can take their help in surpassing those difficult stages. Moreover, you can even invite your own friends to play games of your interests. Facebook users have more than 20 friends playing same social game together.

Targeting Minors & Housewives

For Facebook, the greatest contribution in gaming sector is because of these two drivers. This is because minors and homemakers are more likely to get addicted to social games. Most of the time, they log-in just because to play and beat their competitors. They are more active on Facebook-gaming than Facebook-chatting. If asked, they hardly bother about the Facebook’s timeline, status and all. But, about gaming—dude you are talking to game-freaks!

Rewards and Benefits

More than 65% of users spend 30 minutes on playing various social games per session. Hence, developers here have a chance to get themselves monetize by aiding users with various rewards and benefits. Rewards like extra life, power boosters, buy this and stage clearance option, key to open the box of gold, etc. It has been found that more than 20% of the users have paid cash to get the desired reward and its benefits.

They are Really a Great Fun!

There are many reasons for why people prefer playing games on Facebook, which in turn makes it the popular social gaming site. 79% says they play games for fun while 49% says they play because to relieve the stress and pass the time. And, this isn’t restricted to computers; there are 12% of users that play those same games from mobile as well as desktop platform.

Daily-to-Daily Game Ratio

Facebook’s popularity in terms of gaming has much to do with its daily visiting users. About 66% of the users play one or two different social games at least once per a week for up to 30 minutes. Around 28% play their social games daily for up to 60 minutes. Furthermore, approximately 30% play the same game several times a day. This daily contribution by the active users on Facebook has made it equally a successful gaming tool for the users.

Moreover, the desperation of winning the games on Facebook is at its pinnacle. All the user can think of is winning the game and beating his/her competitors. This has encouraged (or forced) the user in creating fake accounts for continuing his/her gaming addiction by hook or by crook.

Facebook games are a new trend of attracting users to spend hours that previously spent a minute or two. It is trying to make this strategy work and maximize its returns. And, to some extent, this is one of the main reasons why Facebook is becoming popular equally in terms of gaming. They have comparatively more friendly games that use excellent SDKs for mobile platform as well.

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