Go Karts – The Breathtaking Saga Of Racing

Mobile & Apps 23 Dec 2013
Go Karts – The Breathtaking Saga Of Racing

For all those fans craving for racing games, the racing extravaganza has been unleashed. The latest release from GameAnax, ‘Go Karts,’ is creating mayhem on iTunes. It has stamped its authority on the App Store with unearthed features and realistic racing environments. It won’t be surprising if iTunes gets choked due to the download outbreak. Within 2 days, Go Karts has rapidly mounted the ladder as one of the chartbusting games.

I wondered what’s so special and unique about this racing game. Considering my previous experience and zeal for racing games, I attempted exploring this viral game. Here is what my research, which gradually developed in addiction, gave me the understanding about Go Karts.

The reason I decided to come up close with this game is because, prior such a hyped game, I downloaded many similar games but was only left with frustration and disappointment. Promises were made of realistic and addictive game play, but all severely lacked the gaming physics and realism.

But Go Karts did poke my racing genes

It is the game, which iOS device users would love to have on their device. It is simple, no false hyped content covering the vulnerability of the game. The features are compelling with minutely crafted effects and precise detailing. Graphics are realistic, and if you lose, you would untiringly gear for vengeance multiple times. I kept losing the game repeatedly, but it was more about experiencing the superlative racing experience rather than winning or losing. Hyped

There is a marked improvement in the representation of Go Karts racing game in-comparison to other games populating the App Store. Graphics and compelling sound effects clearly demonstrate the excellence of design and development.

The description of the game on iTunes forced me to visualize this game as another hyped racing game attempt, which would soon fall off, once I play. But, the game does justify the bulk of words describing the game.

I would say – Play this game and share your Go Karts experience

This game is meant for racers who like to compete at the highest level and are ready for retaliation at the cost of their karts. It is a virtual battleground for true racers to battle-it-out on 11 realistic tracks, 6 captivating Go-Karts with customized controls.

This festive season, it doesn’t get better. You can also consider it as a gift for friends and colleagues. And hang on, if people reading this are considering this as a biased opinion, marketing mix or a mass appeal to promote the game, then may miss out on the Go Karts tornado.

Let loose your karts on the realistic tracks and experience the joy of racing like never before.

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