Facebook Fan Page – Client Engagement Like Never Before

eCommerce & mCommerce 29 Oct 2013
Facebook Fan Page – Client Engagement Like Never Before

So, now you’ve got a Facebook account, and sure you’ve put up pics and added posts… but are you getting responses to them?

People don’t easily respond to posts unless you’re ‘friends’ with them.  Then, how do you get people to notice your posts and respond to them?

Social media is an excellent way to get your ideas and views across to a wide audience, if used appropriately this medium can be an effective marketing tool. You would be able to build a loyal and steady customer base by keeping them engaged and by responding to their queries.

Today I’ll be highlighting a few interesting tips on how to improve the engagement on your Facebook page and convert your audience into a loyal clientele.

You’ve got pics?, Use’em!

It’s true that people respond to visuals better than text. So if you’ve got interesting pictures or comical ones that are relevant to your field flaunt them. Add a good caption to illustrate the picture or video so that the reader can instantly relate to what you intend to convey.

  • It’s always best to directly publish the picture (upload photos/videos) rather than posting a link to the picture. When you post links, they appear as thumbnails and people are known to respond better to large images.
  • To ensure that the image is not trimmed when displayed on your timeline, optimize them for a 403X403 pixel display.


Questions are a good way to encourage the audience to respond to your post. Clients love to respond to brands and the best way to get them to do so is by asking them questions. They can answer in comments, and this would give them an opportunity to be heard.

  • Ask simple and clear Questions
  • Don’t make it too long – people respond faster if they need give only short answers.
  • You can even prompt viewers to fill in the blanks – this makes it easier for them to pen their opinion.
  • Another way to improve engagement is by asking the audience to come up with captions for a Picture. Use pictures related to your brand and ones with a twist of humor; they bring-in quick responses.

Flaunt your Clients

Give your clients a reason to engage with you. Brands like Starbucks engage with their clients, by putting up pictures or drawings done by the client on their cover photo. People love it when brands flaunt them or their friends!

Walmart is another brand which loops-in Clients and their Photos to promote their products, thereby letting others know that ‘real people’ endorse them.

  • This gives you the advantage of linking the post with other channels like Twitter and Instagram.
  • This move shows that you care about your clients and gives the clients to show their loyalty by promoting your brand in their circles.
  • You can exploit such feeds from clubs and teams related to your brand to give exposure to both your products and the club.

Quotable Quotes!

People love relating to quotes; capitalize on the “Me too feeling” by using quotes that could hint at your products or services. It’s easy to hit the like button; the user doesn’t have to think much. So use good quotes that would help people share the same feeling by hitting the Like or even the Share button.

#Tag them

The hashtag sort of categorizes terms that come after the symbol. It can them be filtered later on to get posts that share the same hashtag. This feature helps promote brands, run campaigns and awareness drives especially to a wider audience.

  • While using hashtags keep it broad to get maximum visibility
  • Browse through frequent hashtags used by your clients to get a good response.

Encourage a Quick Response

A clear Call to Action makes people respond instantly, you could use the “Like Vs Share” tactic where the audience just has to hit either of the buttons. This is easy and most people respond to them immediately.  Remember to make the issue you are posting interesting and inviting. Publish posts which are easy for people to make a choice between the two options.

Facebook is a powerful marketing tool and several businesses have made it big by innovatively using this platform to promote their brand. So here’s your chance at improving your Facebook account and reaping a good Return On Investment.

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