Enterprise Mobility and Cloud Computing Stats and Predictions in 2015

News & Events 02 Mar 2015
Enterprise Mobility and Cloud Computing Stats and Predictions in 2015

Enterprise mobility and Cloud computing are among the hottest IT topics, and they secure the top positions in the priority list of every company under the sun. Even in 2015, they continued to remain as a game-changer for numerous companies.

2015: Year of strengthening

In the year 2014, numerous companies have adopted either or both of them. As companies are getting acquainted with these technological blessings, it is not an exaggeration in saying that enterprise mobility and cloud computing have lead the companies toward the path of growth and success.

We can imagine their increasing importance in the corporate world with Computerworld Forecast Study 2015, which states that enterprises will probably increase their spending on cloud computing by 42% and on wireless/mobile by 35%.

Enterprise Mobility and cloud computing are heading toward the new dimensions in 2015 with strengthening their footprints in enterprises.

Enterprises mobility- New hopes, new challenges

As per Ovum’s 2015 Trends to Watch, enterprise mobility will continue to remain high on the priority list for all CIOs. The prediction has opened the doors of new hopes for this widely accepted and admired corporate trend.

Hopes and challenges go hands in hands as one can hope for a better future if he or she is ready to face challenges. Enterprise mobility is also in the same position right now as new challenges come its way in the year 2015.

Let’s look over the challenges:

  • As various types of devices and gadgets takeover the market, enterprises cannot restrain to a particular device for its BYOD concept. Enterprise mobility should address the situation in which mobility mismatch cannot come in the way of providing business solutions.
  • Informal or unmanaged BYOD concept is going to replace by formal or managed BYOD concept. Enterprise mobility technology, therefore, requires being more innovative and active.
  • More enterprises will frame enterprise mobility management (EMM) as part of a wider workspace technology. Furthermore, enterprise multi-screening behavior is going to increase, and the technology should adopt it along with workspace strategy.
  • The technology should get ready to mobilize old-world apps with newer apps along with increasing its value. Technology needs to deliver older apps with the same experience as that of newer apps.
  • In the field of security and privacy, the technology requires taking lots of action. With increasing use, safety and privacy concern looming large and the technology needs to address it.

In brief, enterprise mobility needs more to act as a bridge between enterprises and IT. After all, it is the ultimate role of this technological advancement.

Cloud computing- Future is also as attractive as present

Cloud computing has proven its importance in storing, sharing and analyzing corporate data with ease. Its future trends indicate that the technology is passing through transformation and adaption stage for being more beneficial for data visualization and advanced analytics.

Cloud computing trend

  • Security remains a top concern for both types of companies – with or without adopting this technology. Cloud service providers constantly work on it, and Microsoft’s Haven is the latest example of their efforts.
  • Cloud technology is likely to reach a level of standardization that permits data integration across different clouds.
  • Private cloud sharing is going to increase as it provides scalability and real-time analytics facility.
  • More efficient cloud services with better visualization of data is on the way.

In wrapping up, we can state that both of them continue to give their strong support to the corporate world, and I personally believe that growth-hungry businesspersons should adopt these technological developments for getting sustainable growth.

Trends for both show that now both are in a consolidation phase. But, don’t think that you’ve missed the train, as even if you adopt them today; they become equally beneficial for you just like they are for your competitors.

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