Eight Web Design Trends That are Here to Stay

Web Technologies 10 Jun 2015
Eight Web Design Trends That are Here to Stay

In the edge of mobile technology, if one believes that web design will become legacy then they are in dark about its strength, scope, and scalability. However, the latest web design trends reflect the dominance of mobile-based Internet access.

As Internet witnesses a paradigm shift from desktop to handheld devices, traditional web design has been transformed into responsive web design in attempt to make every website mobile-friendly (Courtesy: Google, Bing) and more popular. Apart from revolutionary responsive web design, many other web design trends are developed. Here we mention some of them, which are here to stay in the year 2015 and beyond:

  • Simplification: ‘If a user is in a hurry, simplification is the key’ is modern times’ saying. Today, everyone wants to access the Internet on the move, and simple, readily-accessible website is worth for both site owners and users. Simpler designs are easier to understand and scan, that means they can be quickly appreciated by the users. Simplicity and immediate access are two aspects that will further develop.
  • Storytelling approach: Today, web design trends hover around helping content developers to tell a story for users. Such designing approach fits with the long scrolling trend and makes websites more elegant and interactive for users.
  • Gesture control: ‘Scroll-bar’ becomes obsolete in the era of digital devices. These days, it is easier to scroll than to click. Users scroll wildly with their fingers and thumb on mobile devices, and the same is going to come in web designing. Websites designers opt for scrolling instead of clicking as mobile takes over desktops and laptops. Soon, we will see the websites with gesture control and more scrolling than clicking.
  • In-browser design: It is necessary to make any website responsive and quickly accessible. In-browser design is capable of giving optimal output in terms of user experience (UX) across different devices and platforms.
  • Accessibility from scratch: It is better to embed accessibility from scratch in a website as it saves designers’ time. Thinking from everyone’s perspective while making a website accessible for all is also in a trend.
  • Longer scrolling: Gone are the days where we encountered web pages with a short length. These days, most new site designs are longer in length. It is also in agreement with increasing popularity of mobile devices for using the Internet. Long scrolling is extending from the home page to about pages and product pages to show the content in an appealing
  • UI animation and card design: Nowadays, GIFs and Flash animation in the user interface (UI) is becoming a compelling need of web designing. The animated design is always preferable over a flat design as it makes any website more dynamic while storing more information in less space. Card design is the future of web design as it enables websites to run on multiple devices with the same performance.
  • Inclusion of interactive apps: Interactive and innovative web apps are necessary to make any website attractive. In the era of mobile technology, web designers should take care of adding web apps that can run in offline mode as well for increasing appreciation. Google Map is one such app that web developers and designers can consider adding in their websites.

That’s not all for the latest web design trends for 2015 and beyond! As web designers strive for addressing ever-changing customer requirements, they discover and imply many other innovative trends, and those time-tested trends can become a part of web design technology. In other words, we can conclude that web design technology is going to change in favor of the mobile environment, but to find it irrelevant in today’s changing scenario is an exaggeration.

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