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Virtual Reality – How will Virtual Worlds Influence Our Future?

In Mark Zuckerberg’s words, VR (Virtual Reality) has a ‘wild future’. Let’s find out why it is considered as a futuristic technology and how virtual worlds will influence our future in terms of marketing and businesses.

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To-Do Apps – Buck Up and Get Your Life in Order

Technology certainly has bound us to it even more now, than before. I remember having an awesome memory back in school; today I can’t even remember my mom’s cell number. But again, back then I didn’t

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iPhone App Developer – The Qualities to Check Before You Hire

Ever since the growth of mobile apps has skyrocketed, the number of iPhone apps developers, especially from the third world countries, has increased like mushrooms in the rainy days. The low-cost apps development offer looks alluring

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The Problems With Speech Recognition Software

Speech recognition is the translation of spoken words into text. Speech recognition systems use “speaker independent speech recognition”. The software works by recognizing sound patterns that an individual will produce, and then associates each pattern with

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Google Keyword Tool Going Soon -Learn What is Google Planner Now

Google quietly rolled out one of its biggest overhauls product, Adwords Keyword Planner, which got unnoticed by users. New Keyword Planner comes with the combined functionality of existing tool, Keyword Tool and Traffic Estimator. This makes

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How Augmented Reality Can Augment Your App?

Augmented reality is the recent buzz word. Although it has been around since 1990s, but its use and development has recently gained popularity. It is a relatively new technology but has acquired global interest.  It has

Read More -Build & Resell Mobile Websites On Your Own

Significant increase in the use of smart mobile devices has led most of the websites to take a shift from desktop to mobile. At this situation, when people are in dire need of optimizing their websites

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Top Android Apps that Can be Built for the Google Glass

The first batch of Google Glass has been already delivered to the developers, and the developers are wasting no time dreaming about the possible apps for this Giant G. There are many discussions currently buzzing amongst

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What is Software Framework -Its Uses and Types

The terms frameworks and software have become common in the technical world, especially in the web world. In the world of computers, both these terms have been combined to form ‘Software frameworks’ that have their own

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5 Tools for Testing Your Sites for Mobile Devices

Web designing and development is now no longer restricted to desktops and laptops. Web development for mobile devices has taken an equal attention in the market. But, just as a site designed for desktop is tested

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