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A Few More HTML5 Coding Tips

HTML5 datepicker prevent past dates My recent venture is a website for booking movie tickets. I am having issues with datapicker. I am not sure about the minimum attribute preventing past dates in the HTML5 datapicker.

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iOS Coding Tips

The past few years has seen Apple being packed with an attractive build, great quality and an intuitive user interface. It is critical that your app has good performance when developing an iOS app. The users

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Android 4.3 -Developer’s Take

Google has wrapped off its next Android OS for developers on last Wednesday in San Francisco. The new Android 4.3 seems to be similar as its predecessors and hence, make sense why the new OS is

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HTML5 Coding Tips | FAQs on HTML 5

HTML 5 is becoming the developer’s pet. Its enhanced capabilities and ease of coding is powering different developers need. Here are some of the coding tips to help developers to effectively carry out their coding with

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Web Application Framework: Architecture and Features

Websites have become the survival kits of several businesses. If you’re an active netizen, then you must have come across plenty of websites; some that offer services, some that sell products, some that provide news and

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Target all Smartphones with a Single Codebase using PhoneGap

It is worth sharing the experience I had while developing cross platform hybrid mobile app using PhoneGap. The idea was to develop a mobile app working with NetWeaver Cloud, as well as interfaces including an on

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Common Questions and Programming Tips for .Net

Q1: Is there an easy way to update a label from another thread? Ans: Yes, you may do it this way. private delegate void SetControlPropertyThreadSafeDelegate(Control control, string propertyName, object propertyValue); public static void SetControlPropertyThreadSafe(Control control, string

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Tips for Java Coding

Java is one of the favorite languages among coders and programmers. Let us learn some basic tips to make this even better.  #Tip 1- How can you hide password from command line You may put this

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Some Coding Tips for WordPress

WordPress coding, at times, is annoying. I was talking to my junior in regard to this. I thought to share some tips I came across while browsing for code problems on the Internet. Let’s have a

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