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Burberry, the well-known magnificent brand, originates from England. It features existed since 1856, and was originally made by Thomas Burberry, of London. Currently, Burberry can be an international company and their multiple shops are located all over the world. The primary office of the business is certainly in London. Burberry was well-known for the exquisite coats of its primary time; however, currently Burberry sells coats, extras, perfume, glasses (Burberry, 2010)

Burberry’s logo (HaiBao, 2010)

1.1.2 Prada

Next, Prada can be a luxurious brand from Italy since 1913. Additionally, it started with the high-class natural leather by Mario Prada. The merchandise of Prada are worried modern style and tendencies. Not only the caliber of Prada, but also the effectiveness of modernistic artwork. Prada has been renowned, over 100 years due to its handbags. (Prada, 2010)

PRADA company logo (2010, soutuzi)

1.2 Theory

1.2.1 Market segmentation

According to Hall et al (2008), marketplace segmentation is how a Business divides the features-such as geographically, demographically and behaviorally into sub-groups and how it attracts various kinds of consumers.

1.2.2 Marketing mix

Hall et al (2008) reports that market mix also known as four ps-products, cost, place and promotion. It is the factors of the market that related to the firms’ strategy.


The goal of this report is to investigate the market segments plus the market mix of Burberry and Prada. After that, Burberry is less expensive than Prada. Finally, it offers the recommendation.

2. Findings &Discussion

2.1 Segmentation

First, Burberry is divided into three sections; there happen to be Burberry London, Burberry Bailey and Thomas Burberry. Since 1997, the brand new director found Burberry. Therefore, in addition, it had changed the style of Burberry, which provides the merchandise to the elders, soldiers and the royal members; and it faces the wider customs from worldwide (Burberry, 2010). It might say the demographically of Burberry can be all of the youth and the elders. Additionally, based on the Haibao, Burberry established the series known as Thomas Burberry. It really is suitable for younger; however, as compare and contrast to the Burberry London or Burberry Bailey, T.B is popular with consumers, due to the lower price and the younger styles. Another strategy of Burberry is certainly geographical region. For the marketplace shares, Burberry is normally devoted in the Asian place and the United States. Burberry (Burberry, 2010) announced Sales across the world is increased by 25% totally, and China takes up 15%, although the primary area continues to be in the Europe. For example, in 2009 2009, Burberry arranged a multiple store in Beijing. Essentially, Burberry only chooses the place that has the most shoppers, especially the wealthy. Therefore, the majority of geographical regions will be the large cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai in China. It is to say that the several areas’ citizens have several lifestyle and atheistic specifications.

Regions (2010)

Following the findings previously mentioned, everybody can know about the segmentation of Burberry. For instance, Burberry targets young women, men and kids. The measure of this segment is years and gender.

As comparison, Prada’s advertising segmentations is certainly geographical, demographical and emotional. It is reported by Haibao that the majority of purses and handbags are for mature ladies and the suits for successful men (2010). The age of consumers is apt to be older. Amount of client is high-class. Prada insists in "Less can be more" (Prada, 2010). The style company is aimed at the youth, that may get high pay. Prada can be a familistic brand continuously. Miuccia Prada and her partner, Patrizio Bertelli deemed that they would carry out the vendition in Hong Kong first of all. According to Tammy (2010), one of many managers in Prada explained the company would select Milan, London and New York in time. In China, Prada (Prada, 2010) situated in Tianjin, Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Dalian, Shenzhen and Guangzhou.

2.2 Marketing Mix

2.2.1 Products

Burberry produces the merchandise, which includes coats, women, guys, women’s accessories, bags, shoes or boots, scarves, gifts, beauty, kids and perfume. Burberry’s latest manager–Manley (Manley, 2010) released that Manley previously taken care of all communications factors across traditional and brand-new channel such as for example new stars and Online sites (Manley, 2010).In current, Haibao studies that Burberry demonstrates the series of Winter Storms and nearly all consumer are lovers. Also, accessorization, such as for example scarves, totes and umbrella also belong to this theme.

Winter Storms (2010)

Originally, its market served Italy. On the other hand, Mario Prada evolved the materials into the unique one – nylon, to built bags. Today, Prada includes clothing, underwear, accessories, shopping bags and oxides things (Prada, 2010). This year 2010, Prada (Prada, 2010) forecasts the little gifts for Christmas Evening.

Accessories of Prada, for Xmas (Haibao, 2010)

2.2.2 Price

Burberry sets a higher level for the cost of its product, Especially Burberry London (Burberry, 2010). On the other hand, Thomas Burberry sets less cost for the mid-course youths. It appears that the purchase price is divided by numerous level, such as for example Thomas Burberry is affordable for Burberry London. Undoubtedly, two parts of Burberry-Burberry London and Burberry Baily is sold at a high price, it is to state that Thomas Burberry is approached to consumers. In short, high-class of the culture could possibly be offered these expensive items (Burberry, 2010). Thus, it really is evident that China is a huge market for Burberry.

Burberry-bags-wallets-and-purses (2010)

Prada’s prices act like Burberry. Skimming may be the first situation of its strategies.

Price of Prada (2010) raffaello-network

2.2.3 Promotion

It is essential a business promotes to attract consumers. According to Burberry (2010), Burberry Base could give opportunities to create teenagers’ dreams come true. Therefore, the trustworthiness of Burberry is excellent. Hence, there is fantastic public relation that Burberry has done. Christopher Bailey, who’s the highest supervisor of Burberry (Luxurious, 2009), with renowned Chinese actor-ZhangMan yu, which celebrated the brand new store built in Beijing.

Both of the firms use super stars or super model to show their products to attract consumers. Prada (Prada, 2010) predicts the advertising in 2011 will invite Mariacarla Boscono, Arizona Muse, Kinga Razjak, Zuzanna Bijoch, and Tati Cotliar display the new fashion.

Prada in 2011

2.2.4 Place

All of the channels of retailing in Burberry is heightened. Especially, the company in China goes up and makes considerable profits for Burberry.

Revenue by channel of distribution (2010)

Amy and Pink (2006) reported the Internet has really changed just how that Prada sells. Wholesale of Prada’s totes are commonplace on the Internet, It is can make consumers buy very first Prada totes. While Prada will never be looked at cheap, the Wholesale Prada purses and handbags offered on the Internet are generally far more affordable than the shops (Amy & Pink, 2006).

2.3 Comparison

Turning the topic into the comparison of Burberry and Prada, the traditional marketing mix is about 4ps, which will be products, value, place and promotion. Undoubtedly, it offers the unique selling point. First, the unique feature of Burberry is definitely their coats. However, Prada is well-known for their handbags. Items, that Burberry has Perfume, clothing, underwear, gadgets, perfume and glasses. Prada does not have any underwear at all times and Prada spot the familism but Burberry does not. Next, the area seldom has dissimilarities between two businesses, because both of them are luxurious brand, the firms choose the developed cities to create their multiple shops. On the other hand, Prada has greater chains of retail outlet in China. Therefore, Burberry’s marketing share looks like more than Prada. Finally, the place for these two brands is evident that Prada has additional stores in China than Burberry. In addition, Burberry’s "place" is much better than Prada, due to multi-channel. For promotion, Burberry chooses Zhangmanyu to commemorate the new store and to find some famous, young, modules to represent the products. However, Prada just rely on the Weekly Milan to display their new product, although, Prada select represents like John Varvators to show the products. From then on, due to the high end, Burberry is royal brand in the United Kingdom, therefore the price is high. Even so, there is definitely Thomas Burberry has cheap. All of the Prada’s series are setting up huge price (Prada & Burberry, 2010).

3. Recommendation

In summary, the benefits of Burberry and Prada are the skimming strategy, since it could make more profits. Both of these are known that generating attractions to allure customers, the promotion of Burberry is more attractive than Prada because Burberry likes selecting popular stars to represent the merchandise. However, the disadvantage of the two companies may be the price is too high although the cost is high aswell. Nevertheless, the marketing show cannot be high. Especially, Prada has no series that sets lower price for citizens, Burberry provides Thomas Burberry to connect more buyers at least. Additionally, their multiple shops are positioned in the big cities, but medium-class places cannot buy their items from local shops. The recommendation for Burberry is the selling place can be wide, particularly the cheaper Thomas Burberry.(Burberry,2010) As for Prada, the promotion is not enough, though, the words of mouth is famous. Moreover, each of the products and value of Prada is similar. It is hide that ignores medium consumer, so make an effort to divide into more series for consumers could be improved.

4. Conclusion

There are all the recent surveys for the Marketing Segmentations and Marketing Mixture of Burberry and Prada, the pricy items, widely advertising and prosperous places could make these two businesses develop preferable.

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