Behavior, Characteristics and Type of Android and iOS Users

Operating Systems 19 Aug 2015
Behavior, Characteristics and Type of Android and iOS Users

Android platform has already surpassed iOS platform in terms of number of users. However, iPhones became successful in coming out of the US, Europe, and Australia after launching fabulous iPhone duo 6 and 6 Plus. Today, Apple enjoys good penetration in Asian market also, which is once said to be a stronghold of Android platform.

As both platforms are highly popular, it is interesting to know how people use devices based on these platforms. In other words, we want to point out the difference of usage in both these platforms. App developers can get benefits from usage pattern while developing customized apps with interactive features.

Last year, a market research firm CivicScience did a survey over iOS and Android users, some interesting facts came out in the survey:

  • Even if iPhone is more intelligent and innovative than Android phone, techies prefer more open Android platform. However, professionals other than that in technology domain prefer iPhones over Android phones
  • People who have higher income, education, and social status tend to prefer iPhones. They are tech enthusiast customers rather than producers. While, Android phones is a choice of people who are less affluent and have less education
  • Money-minded people prefer Android phones while rich people with surplus cash like to buy Apple phones
  • For addicts of digital services, iPhone is the first choice while people who have nothing to do with innovative digital services willingly purchase Android device

It is clear that iPhone is a choice of the affluent class comprises business and management professionals, entrepreneurs, etc. But, Android is preferred by tech professionals and people who can spend less for having a smart device.

Another recent study from Chitika, an online advertising network, revealed that in the US, rich, white men tend to buy more iPhones especially in the first week of their launch.

At last, we will conclude with the table shows comparison of user-behavior for both Android and iOS platforms:

Android phone users

iPhone users

Are in their 30s and less affluent Slightly younger and more affluent
Emphasize more on performance of apps Emphasize equally on both appearance and performance
They are less active with apps after downloading They are more active with apps after downloading
They are less interested in m-commerce They are more interested in m-commerce
They have less device loyalty They have more device loyalty
They don’t want to spend more on apps If they’re satisfied with the apps, they are ready to spend more

As concluding remarks, we can mention that though both platforms are popular across the world, affluent users of iPhone make Apple cash-rich company while Android platform, on the other hand, enjoys the surging number of users.

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