Apple Extends Its Mobile Arsenal – 5S and 5C Smartphones Unveiled

News & Events 11 Sep 2013
Apple Extends Its Mobile Arsenal – 5S and 5C Smartphones Unveiled

The consistent rumors and speculations surrounding the Apple’s event finally got uncovered. Apple has released two mobile handsets, a top-end version 5S and the cheaper variant 5C. This is the first time Apple was forced to unveil a cheaper variant in the market. Apple continuously lost its ground on the competitive forefront. As a result, to compete with Samsung and others brands in developing countries like China and India, Apple has released iPhone 5C.
The launch of iPhone 5S implies that iPhone 5 the company’s flagship mobile launched last year will be discontinued. The 5S has been launched with a fingerprint scanner a killer feature from Apple. Moreover, it also has iOS 7 that will give the user a clean and uncluttered user interface. Apple has been renowned to make the newer models slimmer, lighter and glitzier each year. However, this time the company seems to have focused on what lies inside the body. The 5S mobile is made up of Aluminium and is powered by the A7 processor. The processor is believed to be twice as fast as the previous processors rendering graphics and performing tasks.

On the other hand, 5C can be called as an old wine in a new bottle or the same old with some lipstick in an attempt to dress mutton as lamb. There are no changes in the features. It has the same old features that of iPhone 5. Both the device have 8MP camera and improved battery life.  Though, the much awaited devices have been released from Apple, it has hardly been able to impress the audience. The cheaper variant is not really cheap, and the future of 5C in the Asian market looks gloomy. On the other hand, 5S is a high-end smartphone that would compete with Samsung, which is already dominating the market. So, it would be interesting to see how many embrace Apple’s smartphones.

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